Better Than the Alternative Tuesdays: Social Media

And a happy Tuesday to you! I’ve been bursting with Better Than the Alternative Tuesday-ness since I woke up from surgery a month ago. My gratefulness has been in abundance and is busting out of my seams!

My husband who grounds me. My Mom who supported and stuck up for me in the hospital. My Dad who doesn’t seem to tire of hearing my recovery updates. My friends and family who called, emailed, texted, sent cards and flowers and gifts. My body that bounced back better than I ever thought. My nurses who made the weirdness ok.

Most beautiful flowers EVER from JB.

But that’s me. What about you?

Even if you’ve never had surgery or had to start over, life isn’t always so easy, is it? As we grow up and away from our families and longtime friends, supportive people can be in short supply. You may not always have time to gab with your best friend for two hours during a panic-stricken mommy moment. You may not always get a hold of your brother when you reeeeeally need some bro time. So, what do you do?

Get involved in Social Media.

Twitter. Facebook. Instagram. Pinterest.

I reluctantly jumped on Twitter when I started this blog to get to know other fitness/running bloggers. What I found was a community of runners, fitness fanatics, fashion lovers, lululemon ambassadors, everyone under the sun involved in the wellness community, IBD friends, classmates, instructors I love, studios I frequent, places I like to eat in the city, city alerts, news update outlets, and on and on and on.

Social Media allowed me to connect with people just like me–only faster, smarter and A LOT funnier. It’s a place lift up and be lifted up by friends who have been there, done that. I met every single person I know who has IBD through Twitter. Not kidding. And every single person I know in publishing.

How did I meet Samantha from Fitness Magazine? Oh yeah, Twitter!

Social Media gave me a place to ask what others would consider to be disgusting, inappropriate bathroom-talk questions.

Social Media offered me a chance to connect with other lululemon ambassadors and kick around ideas.

Social Media allows me to keep in touch with my 40 cousins and dozens of other family members.

Social Media makes it possible for me to be supportive from 2000 miles away.

Social Media bridges makes me feel less alone in this big city.

So many new friends through Social Media & crazy BRick workouts!

If you’re feeling blue, there’s a whole world of Social Media friends to meet. Think that you’re the only one dealing with the troubles you find yourself muddling through day by day? Try finding a community on Facebook or Twitter. They’re out there, I promise.

So quit hiding in your corner, complaining that nobooooody knows the troubles you feel and get out there and meet people via Social Media! Start a support group. Find a community of your own. Meet people who get you.

That’s what I did. And those people (YOU!) make today so much better to be here than there.

Now go out and run!

3 thoughts on “Better Than the Alternative Tuesdays: Social Media

  1. I could not agree with you more. I have found people to connect with who share my same challenges as a mother as well as my loves, ie, running, yoga. I hope you continue to have a healthy recovery!

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