Happy National Running Day!

I imagine many of you already have exchanged Brooks and Sauconys with your running buddies on this beautiful day when we celebrate “choreographed falling” (I cannot claim to have coined that description of running, but I also cannot remember who did). For those of you who haven’t, Happy National Running Day to you and yours.

I am not running today. In fact, I have not run for a month tomorrow.

And I don’t care. Not one bit.

Sometimes a girl needs to curl up with a dozen pillows in her pjs and not run, you know?

I am walking. I consider that to be a success for me.

Some people need a holiday to say “I love you”. Some people need a holiday say “Thank you”. Some people need a holiday to be kind to one another. Some people need a holiday to start something new.

While I do not admonish those who like these holidays, I am not one of those people.

86 degrees during my first marathon and I STILL ran. Not fast, no PR, but I ran and I finished.

Just because today is National Running Day and I am not running doesn’t mean anything to me. Some of my runner friends bemoaned their injuries and illnesses that kept them from running today on Twitter and Facebook. Really?!?! You’re bummed out because you can’t run TODAY?

I just don’t know how to respond to that kind of attitude.

Run because you love it. Run because you can. Run because you want to. Run in the middle of a snowstorm. Run on the beach. Run barefoot. Run in high heels. Just…RUN. And DON’T complain about your splits and your GPS malfunctioning and your chafe and how bad your run was and how hot/cold/humid/windy/sunny/dark/rainy/crowded your run was.

Stop complaining. There are people out there who will not be able to run again. You’ll get over your flu/illness/injury/crankypants attitude and be out on the road pretty much whenever you want to be. Some people will not every take one more step without the aid of people and some form of walking apparatus.

You still want to complain about your ITB syndrome? Didn’t think so. (Image courtesy of Mrs. Obi-wan and the Chanda Plan Foundation)

So, yes, Happy National Running Day. Or, as I like to call it, yet another day that I can get up, walk around, take care of myself and live my life.

I’ve posted this video before, but it bears posting again for those of you who still want to complain about not running today.

Now go out and run!

10 thoughts on “Happy National Running Day!

  1. I did run and thought of the time I couldn’t due to injury and of those that can’t (and want to) and did it for them. It was a crap run but I did it and felt proud to be able to start and finish

  2. You’re so right…sometimes I forget that it’s not when or what you’re doing…it’s the fact that you’re doing it. That you CAN. Complaining is worthless. Thanks for this reminder, Abby!

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