Better Than the Alternative Tuesdays: Square One


I am slowly making my way back into the “normal” world, which includes getting back to some sort of “normal” blogging habits. These days, I have a completely different idea of what “normal” is for me and here I am, at Square One. The home of all things new, scary, uncharted, and otherwise completely unknown to me.

Square One is a scary place.

Starting a few weeks ago, I was working on walking. Yes, walking. Walking from here to there, up and down my block, slowly and scared of being pushed or shoved by one of my fellow New Yorkers. I was scared I would get hurt. I was scared I would get too far from the safety of my apartment and not have the energy to get back.

Square One is a humbling place.

When was the last time you needed someone else’s help to wash your hair? Can you even remember? I can. It was three weeks ago this Friday. As I traverse Square One, I had people cooking, cleaning, fetching things from the store, walking with me, helping me change my clothes and, yes, washing my hair. I am humbled by their kindness toward me.

Square One is a place for new beginnings.

Because of what I’ve been through, my life will be forever changed. I will never be the same and that is A-OK by me. I just assume (possibly overoptimistically) that I’ll come back even stronger from this. I certainly will have a perspective from the patients’ side that not many other run coaches, physical therapists and personal trainers have. The experience of starting over again at Square One is entirely unique.

Square One has offered me a chance to start over and in a better place than I was a month ago. Sure, it’s scary and humbling a totally new beginning. But the point is that it’s another chance. I get another chance to build from the ground up, to start at Square One and blaze past the finish line and into a whole new future as New and Improved Abby.

That’s my BTAT today. Here I am. Square One. And loving everything it offers.

How ’bout you? What’s your BTAT on this fine Tuesday? Have you ever been to Square One? Tell me all about it.

Now go out and run!