Better Than the Alternative Tuesdays: Love

Happy Better Than the Alternative Tuesday, friends! The day when we remind ourselves just why it’s so much better to be here than not, no matter what we’re facing today.

Just a quick though for this Tuesday, since I really need to get back to studying for my Physics exam on Friday.

The simplest reason that any day, not just Tuesdays, is a great day is Love. I am reminded of this when I’m curled up with my husband and we’re laughing like little kids.

I’m reminded of this when I see the joy in my sweet baby niece’s face as she crawls (!) and smiles and claps. Her face is one of pure joy and Love and I cannot get enough of her.

Love from family. Love from friends. Love from strangers on the street. Love from the guy at Subway who keeps giving me a free cookie every time I get a sandwich. Love from workout buddies. Love from people in your spin class. Love from your co-workers. Love from the flower guy at the bodega. There is so much Love in this world, you just have to open your eyes to see it.

“I see friends shaking hands saying, ‘How do you do’/ They’re really saying ‘I Love you'”

Never forget that you are Loved. Never forget to tell those in your life that they are Loved. Feel it. Share it. Accept it in return. And don’t forget to Love yourself (ALL of you!), too.

There is nothing more powerful and precious than Love. And every day that you have Love of some kind in your life is surely Better Than the Alternative.

Sending my Love your way today.

Now go out and run!


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