What It Means To Run Stronger Every Day

At the end of a marathon, I am not running fast. To be honest, the only marathon I think I finished “fast” (8:20s) was my worst marathon ever in Jersey where I walked/jogged from POJ to POJ from  miles 13-20 because of my UC flare-up. I had lots of rest and pounded out those last six miles like they were nothing.

Mile 25. Pretty sure I was the only person smiling as I ran past this photographer.

Running fast is not necessarily running strong. I have fast runs that are the easiest runs of my life where I am cruising along and could go on forever. That’s not what it feels like to run strong. So what does it mean to Run Stronger Every Day?

To me, it means that I run when I don’t feel like it. I run when it’s snowing outside (remember that day, Fat Bottom Slim?!) or 85°F with 97% humidity in August. I run when my legs feel like lead. I run when all I really want to be doing is eating homemade cookie dough. I run up the hard hills. I run harder when I think I’ve reached my limit. I run on the treadmill when my stomach won’t let me be more than 15 feet from the bathroom. I finish my runs when I really want to sit down on the curb and cry.

I run.

I Run Stronger Every Day.

No matter what, I run. I train. I lace up my shoes and give it my all for that day. I don’t compare my times with my times from 5 years ago. I don’t always wear my GPS watch to obsess about my splits. I run how I feel.

Dear Garmin,
I love you but you are a sometimes running friend. No hard feelings?
Love, Abby

Running Stronger Every Day means that I take stock of how I feel that day, what my body will tolerate that day, what my limits are that day, how hard I can push that day, and I run.

If it’s 2 miles before I go and lift, it’s 2 miles. If it’s 10 miles on the treadmill while I watch Bones, it’s 10 miles. If it’s 7 miles in Central Park, it’s 7 miles. If it’s nothing because my body just won’t allow it that day, then it’s a rest and recover day. But whatever it is, I make it my job to Run Stronger Every Day and live my life so that I CAN Run Stronger Every Day.

In a few short weeks, I will be starting from a different place and really learning what it is to Run Stronger Every Day. I will be challenged like I’ve never been challenged before. I will have to listen, take it slowly, start from scratch and re-learn what my body can do. I will be the comeback story of my lifetime. And everything I do will be in an effort to Run Stronger Every Day.

Yes! I Run Strong! And am a very sweaty beast. But I Run Strong!

How do you Run Stronger Every Day? What does it mean to YOU? I want to know.

Now go out and run!

4 thoughts on “What It Means To Run Stronger Every Day

  1. Another awesome post, Abby…I am excited to hear what you are referencing in your post about starting from a new place next month…Right now, running stronger just means getting out there and running as my belly grows and my weight goes up =) I will be running less and less and slower and slower – but I’m getting stronger just by stepping out that door (or on that treadmill) each day =)

    • YES, YES, YES! Michele, I love that you are running stronger every day and doing it the smart way. Not sure how much I’m going to share quite yet, but I will share the running part of the journey for sure. Stay tuned!

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