5 Reasons To Run On Treadmills

Even before I showed symptoms of ulcerative colitis and began down this crazy road of treating and compensating for the very sexy flare-ups, I ran on treadmills.

That’s right.


During training season.

So fast that the picture is blurry. Vroom! Vroom!

I grew up running on cross country and track teams, so my feet didn’t even touch a treadmill til college. When I started running marathons for time and not just for survival, I began to use my treadmill runs for more than just days that I couldn’t hit the park.

Truth: Treadmill running and running outdoors are different.

Truth: You are not propelling yourself forward on a treadmill, thus it is easier to run faster (it’s like you’re a few dozen pounds lighter).

Truth: I miss running outside tremendously.

Here’s where treadmill running comes in handy:

  1. Consistent pacing
  2. Negative splits
  3. Mile (or any other distance) repeats
  4. Proximity to the restrooms (for my IBD friends!)
  5. Safe place to push your limits

...and I WILL beat you.

Like Cookie Monster says, “C is for cookie and that’s good enough for me. But cookies are a sometimes food.” Treadmills are a sometimes workout. They’re not awesome for working on hills nor would I suggest doing your long training runs on them unless you have to. I mean, if it’s snowing outside or 4am or your stomach is flip-flopping or you’re feeling wonky or the wind is so strong that it’s crushing your will to live while running into it head-first for 15 miles, by all means, run on the treadmill.

Do what you gotta do.

Treadmills can make you faster if you can swallow your purist runner pride and see the benefits. Trust me, the treadmill can make you a better runner. Do you hit the ‘mill?

Now go out and run.

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