Training Races

Summertime is nearing closer every day and you know what that means…tons and tons and tons of races! Probably two a weekend, one at least. Lots of long races, but let’s talk about the shortys, shall we?

During marathon training, it’s easy to get all bugged out and bored with running for hours and hours and hours by yourself on the same ‘ol routes every single time. The monotony can really get to you. Been there. Hated that.

What has always saved me is that random 5K or 10K on a Saturday morning. Here’s what I’d do: get up early and clock about 12-15 miles on my own, run to the start line of the race and run the rest of my training run with 5,000 of my closest friends. Awesome idea, right? Certainly, I am not the first one to think of this.

Advantages: water/fuel stations late in your run, POJs, cheerleaders, pace groups (to keep you going at your desired race pace in the longer miles), friends to run with, post-race food. I mean, I guess my main focus is food and people. It’s so awesome to run with a buddy for the last few miles when you’re pooped.

It's better with friends.

Lots and lots of friends!!

So sign up for a 5K or 10K somewhere deep in your marathon training. It’ll be something fun to look forward to on those longer runs in the heat of the summer. You’ll have a much more dramatic finish at a finish line with music and other runners than you will be just stopping once you get to your front door.

Now go out and run.


Lonely long runner no more!

3 thoughts on “Training Races

  1. Love that bottom photo! And while I am not training for a marathon I am excited about doing some shorter races this summer. I am ready to run fast(er)!

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