Friday Fitness News: Falling Down the Physics Hole

You know when Alice falls down the Rabbit Hole and the world is upside down and inside out, what’s black is white and what’s white is black and the cat talks? That’s how I felt studying for my Physics exam this week. Which is kinda backwards because the world obeys the Laws of Physics and what’s up is up and what’s down is down. Nope, not to me. It’s my own personal nightmare.

Wah, wah, wah. I know. No more bellyaching about that since it’s awesome that I get to go to school and learn and be wicked smaaaaaht, so enough about that. But that’s why I completely forgot to blog yesterday. Slipped my mind. Didn’t even remember until today that I didn’t yesterday and, actually, I thought I might have done it and forgotten I’d done it. Not so. I plain ‘ol forgot.

But enough about me. As the warm weather kicks in, the Fitness News is piling up.

Can’t get enough of funny kid/baby faces. Sorry. It’s my baby-making age showing. Whatever.

Happy Easter & Passover to my Christian and Jewish friends. Happy beautiful spring weekend to the rest of you. Anybody running this weekend? Anybody kicking fitness butt somewhere else? Tell me all about it!

Now go out and run.


3 thoughts on “Friday Fitness News: Falling Down the Physics Hole

  1. Ahem… I think those parents need to stop trying to ban ice cream trucks and just learn to say “no.” It’s very simple. Two letters: nnn… ooooh. Three year olds are very good at saying it. I’m sure the parents could figure it out.

    “No” is something that happens in life. I don’t mean we should deprive our children, but by not teaching kids that they don’t (and shouldn’t) get everything they *want* we’re setting them up for some serious disappointment later in life…

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