Better Than the Alternative Tuesdays: Hindsight

Hi! Thanks for all the comments on my shiny new blog layout. It’s still getting some tweaks, but overall, I like it. You’ll also notice some changes to the “Pages” at the top of the blog. New page: “Life With UC“. This is all about living and sweating (read: exercising) with UC. Warning: it’s mostly bathroom talk. Also, “Run With Me” is now “Sweat With Me” since I’m on a hiatus from coaching Run Club at the moment. If you want to find out where I’m working out these days, check here often!


Today’s BTAT post has to be short, sweet and to the point. Why? Because I have a Physics exam on Thursday that I will not miraculously get an A (or a B, for that matter) on if I don’t study right this second. Hindsight taught me that.

(See what I did there?)

Here goes.

BTAT is all about why it’s better to be here than not being here at all, no matter what kinda crap life is slinging your way.  Hindsight is a frustrating aspect of life for some people. Some people use Hindsight to kick themselves over and over for making mistakes. Others use Hindsight as a crutch to remain forever “the victim”. Even more use it as a weapon against others, lest they forget their wrongdoings.

Those are seriously un-BTAT uses for the gift of Hindsight.

Hindsight is 20/20. So am I, when I have my specs on. For example, with my cute glasses on, I can see the ridiculously sad twine "ribbon" on my Christmas present. In Hindsight, JB might have chosen something prettier and more festive. He has learned his lesson.

What if you used Hindsight for good? To better yourself, to make smarter choices, to set yourself up for success. I think we all try valiantly to learn from our mistakes, but how many of us, when faced with a similar situation, use Hindsight to actually make a different decision?

  • Had a terrible marathon experience and then got a coach to figure out why and how to avoid it next time.
  • Had a series of bad relationships and chose to go out with someone totally against your “type”.
  • Are always unhappy in your job so you chose a different career.
  • Ran 16 miles with shorts that chafed you so you threw them away when you got home.
  • Gained 20 pounds eating unhealthy food so you cleaned up your diet.
  • Complained all your life how you hate winters so you moved to Miami when you were old enough.
  • Whined to anyone who would listen how you hate your life so you did everything the opposite of what you used to do.

Hindsight. It’s a gift we are given as human beings to remember the past. It takes willpower to change our lives based on what we see in Hindsight, but we are all blessed with the opportunity and ability to do something different next time.

In the past {college}, I'd eat my stress feelings. Icing + pretzels = totally acceptable stress dinner. Ummm, no. That = Fat Abby. Turkey sandwich + Flywheel = newly acceptable way to work out my stress.

Hindsight, when used to our advantage is one of the powerful gifts we possess. But it must be used for good. If you’re going to beat yourself up over something you did 15 years ago, then forget it. Hindsight sucks then. Get over it, move on and don’t do it again. Such an awesome opportunity to start a new day.

So much Better Than the Alternative, don’t you agree?

Now go out and run!

2 thoughts on “Better Than the Alternative Tuesdays: Hindsight

  1. Great post, Abby!

    In hindsight…I realize that I’ve always wanted to be a faster runner, but never actually tried to run faster. I just jogged along. Now, I’m taking steps to workout in ways that will help me reach my goals! Hindsight is indeed 20/20 🙂

    Oh and I love the ribbon picture, hahah!

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