Bargain Shopping For Runners

“Running is cheap. All you need is a good pair of shoes.”

Lies. All lies.

As a distance runner, I certainly require quite a bit more than just my kicks to get through those long runs. Body Glide, Shot Bloks, Vitamin Water, and my iPod are key on virtually every long run I do, indoors or out. But my clothes matter even more.

As a lululemon Ambassador, I have the good fortune to try out a lot of their fancy gear and sweat all over town in it. But I am still a girl on a budget who loves a good bargain. I go through almost four sets of running shoes a year and since lululemon doesn’t make shoes just yet, I’m stuck searching for the best deal in town.

Here are some of my favorite places for bargain shopping and some tips to get the deals on the gear you need.

#1. Shoes. Shoes are sooooo expensive. I get it, a lot of technology goes into making them and I can appreciate that. I wish I could buy 10 pair and compare them and write reviews for them, but no one has offered me that opportunity…yet (I’m looking at you, Brooks) and so I go through 1-2 pair at a time like everyone else. My favorite way to save a dime is to buy the older version of my favorite shoe online.

For example, my favorite running shoe to date: Brooks Defyance.

Last year's version = $45 today!

This year's version = $110.00 today!

No major changes were done to the Defyance 5, so why would I pay $110 for them when I can have my trusty ‘ol Defyance 4s for $45? This is the most important way that I save money on shoes until that Brooks sponsorship comes through.

#2. The entire Old Navy Activewear line is great for the bargain runner. $15-$25 for all your running attire. Though I will say that their men’s line is certainly in need of improvement.

Their $15 sports bras are some of my favorites.

#3. The “We Made Too Much” section of is undoubtedly one of the most-visited web pages on my computer. What can I say? I love a steal deal! If you know your size and what you want, you can pick up serious discounts. And my favorite deal of all: Free Shipping on everything. Always.

My all-time favorite workout top is only $34 on sale!

You save $15 online for this awesome men's running shirt.

#4. Running Warehouse has deep discounts on just about every brand of running apparel. It’s my go-to for all of JB’s running bottom needs. His favorite shorts, the Sugoi Jack shorts, are $10 cheaper here. They also have every piece of gear available. I found my favorite winter gloves here, too.

A man's shorts have to fit just as perfectly as a woman's--and not cost and arm and a leg.

#5. Subscribing to websites like: IdeeliHautelookGilt, & RueLaLa. I have more than once purchased running shoes from Saucony and New Balance at more than 50% off via these websites. They also regularly have activewear as a part of their daily flash sales. On a side note, they also have deals on gyms, bootcamps, pilates, yoga and more in various cities around the country. If you want an invitation, email me and I will send you and invite to join any of them.

#6. C9 by Champion at Target has some seriously cute and comfortable gear. They have both men and women’s lines and have been road-tested by my friend, Jess over at Fit Chick In the City.. She’s a fan. Also, I stole her picture.

Totally swiped from Jess. Plus, it has my favorite (Flywheel) studio's logo in it 🙂

Where you do you bargain shop for your sweaty gear? Share your tips with me!

Now go out and run!