Friday Fitness News: Quickie

Good morning! I’m off to an all-day, all-weekend conference but I didn’t want to leave ya’ll hangin’ with the Fitness News this week. Here’s a quickie for you!

  • Here are 50 (!) ways to lean out as a runner, according to Runner’s World.
  • As One is expanding in NYC, which is awesome because these guys really know their stuff. Next stop, global domination!
  • Emma Stone is full of crap  (why get fitness advice from an actress anyway??): RUNNING IS NOT BAD FOR YOUR KNEES!
  • Attention lady runners on the Pill: you’re fine.
  • …and you will NOT bulk up from weight training (when will this myth die?!).
  • “Wellness Hotels” are popping up everywhere. Tell me, are you into it?
  • Diet pills are crap and every spokesperson is lying to you (I’m looking at YOU, Ms. Michaels).
  • If you are overweight, it’s costing you more than just your health.
  • This, and other youth-related overuse injuries, is one of reasons I’m going into PT.
  • The effect of statins on your exercise performance at the cellular level (getting all geeky-science girl on you).
  • Long run advice for the half-marathoner from the pros.
  • Male-only naked yoga. Sorry guys, but ewwwwwww.
  • We’ve talked about this. Thanks for the confirmation, RW.
  • And finally, this gentleman has run almost 300,000 miles. That’s a lot of shoes. And Body Glide.

I’m off! Have a great weekend everybody! Best of luck to all my homies running the NYC Half and especially my fellow lululemon Run Ambassador, Jessica, who is going to kick ass at her marathon this weekend. Go Jessica!

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