26.2 Every Month

More than anything else in the whole world, I like to help people change their lives. Not in big ways, mind you. I’ll leave that to Oprah. But in small ways, like exercising and changing health habits for the better.

In a perfect world, I could be with every single person who needs me to work them out and counsel them every day. Obviously, I can’t do that. I’m not Santa Claus, after all.

You thought you had problems (Image courtesy of geekartgallery.com)

So many people want to start a workout regimen and don’t know where to begin. Some people are on the extreme side of overweight and can’t just “go out and run”. Some people have never exercised before and would be clueless in a gym. Here is my advice for you Newbies out there who are starting from scratch.:


Walking is just as good as running if you can’t run. It’s exercise, it’s a natural motion for your body, it’s weight-bearing and cardiovascular. It’s great! Here’s the catch, I want you to commit to walking a marathon every single month. You read that right: 26.2 miles every month for a year. Are you up for the challenge?

I bet you are.

You can walk one mile a day (taking one day off a week in the 30 & 31 day months).

Walk 2 miles every other day.

Walk 1 mile every other day and 2 miles on the weekend.

I don’t care how you do the math, but I want you to do it! Take your kids for a walk before or after dinner every night. Walk with your spouse and leave the kids at home for 1 mile every morning/night. Trade off walking time with your spouse so you can each have some quiet time. Do whatever it is you have to do, but DO IT NOW.

This athlete has one leg and is running. What's your excuse again? Oh yeah, you don't have one.

Figure it out. Start now. You can do this.

If you want to change your life and start exercising, it’s going to take commitment, hard work, and support. It’s not easy and it doesn’t happen overnight, but it does happen. While I was prepping for my procedure on Monday I watched the documentary “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead”. I was so moved by the people I saw in the film who decided that their life was worth living and they made the changes necessary to keep on living. It was inspiring. Watch it, it’s on Netflix Instant Steam.

26.2 every month for a year. Are you with me? Tell me you are and let’s get the show on the road.

Now go out and run–or walk!