Friday Fitness News: Spring Break

This week took FOR.EV.ER.

No clue why it took an eternity for Friday to show up. I mean, it was a regular five-day work/school/etc. week. What’s the deal? Who knows? Who cares? IT’S FRIDAY! Aaaaaaaaand I have found a very tempting recipe for homemade Samoas. Seriously.

Spring Break starts today for me. I mean, I have probably the busiest week of my life next week despite the “break” from school. Which reminds me, if there’s anything you love to watch on Netflix, do share. I need almost two days of apartment entertainment for myself and I can’t promise I won’t buy the entire second season of Downton Abbey while starving on Monday and Tuesday. Help!

So what else is going on?


  • Good news for all the pregger runners/gym rats out there! I will carry this article around with me when I am pregnant and people give me judgmental looks as I pass them in Central Park.
  • I’m a “Marathon Diva”, what type of runner are you?
  • I wonder what type Natalia is? I mean, she ran a half-marathon.
  • I’m also TOTALLY a Party Girl. Seriously. Get in on one of these Flywheel Party Rides.
  • GU wants you to track your runs and reward you for doing them. Reward = presents!
  • Know what won’t reward you as much as you think? Crunches.
  • And if they’re right, hard-core exercise (read: not crunches) can alter your DNA.
  • Newsflash of the week: It’s bad news. You might do well to ease up on taking shark cartilage to prevent cancer.
  • Good news: The Olympics will be streamed live. FOR FREE!
  • And here is the recipe for those AH-MAYZING looking Samoa-like cookies. Mmmmmmm.

And that’s all she wrote. Hope you all have a fabulous weekend! Anybody racing this weekend? Oh, by the by, once again I’d like to congratulate my friend, Dorothy who WON THE B & A MARATHON LAST WEEKEND. Yes, she won it. Way to go, Dorothy. I’m inspired by your awesomeness.

Now go out and run!

3 thoughts on “Friday Fitness News: Spring Break

  1. Thanks for the samoas shout out!
    PS, I ran until I was 7 months pregnant. It became too annoying to run because of my constant pee stops, so from 7 months until 9 months I did the rotating stairs at the gym. Don’t let people bring you down, when you’re pregnant, you can still kick A!

  2. That running quiz needs a re-write. It put me in the “lazy susan” category, which is clearly not the case. I only get 2 points for running in clothes that are 5 years old? Um… that’s because I care about my form more than I care about what I *look* like. That should be worth double bonus points! And running in my ‘hood is somehow not as good as on a treadmill? Even though I aim for the hills for hill sprints???
    Silly quiz!
    But it was a good Friday brain-break! 😉

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