Ode To My Headphones

As you well know, I have been logging my mileage exclusively on the treadmill (not so much a choice as a necessity, don’t hate). I miss running outside for so many reasons, not the least of which is because I don’t require headphones when I’m pounding through Central Park or the East River or along the Hudson. It’s so lovely to just be outside and take in my surroundings on a run.

Treadmill running is an entirely different beast. I NEED music. I will go CRAZY without it. Easy solution, my trusty little iPod.

Very necessary.

Major problem: I am a SWEATY BEAST on the treadmills. Like, sweat goes everywhere-my treadmill, my neighbors’ treadmills. Seriously, I warn people getting on next to me that they might become victims of flying sweat, should they choose to run next to me. Consider yourself warned!

11 miles later. Sweaty. Girl.

Problem? Earphones fall out when I start to sweat. I started with the ones that come with the iPod. Yeah, total fail and everyone in the world can hear what I’m listening to as well. I’m kind of a private person at the gym. Second option? Earbuds. They worked until the sweat started dripping. Then, total fail. Really, really annoying to be all like, “Wow! They’re working!” until mile 6 and then it’s, “Stupid *%$#-ing headphones, STAY IN MY EARS!”

Solution? My Bose heaphones.

They may look a little funny, but they are tiny miracles for your ears.

I borrowed a pair from my friend for the Jersey Marathon and will be forever grateful that I did. Not only did I desperately need my music during that marathon, but it was indeed a warm day and no other headphones would have made it through those 26.2 miles with me. They didn’t slip. They didn’t hurt. They didn’t get all hot and burn the inside of my little ears. I fell in love right then and there.

I might be smiling because my headphones are awesome. Or because it's the last mile of a marathon. You know, either one.

They also helped keep me motivated during the Philly Marathon.

All geared up and ready for Philly!

No, Bose didn’t pay me to write this. No one pays me to write (but they should…) about awesome gear. I am just one runner in search of my perfect tools and tricks to get through 26.2 and every other distance feeling great. Bad headphones can really get my blood boiling during a run. No more! Yes, they’re pricey. But, as with anything you use often that brings you comfort and joy, it’s totally worth the investment.

Now, if only someone could make a water bottle that is weightless, even when full of water. Get on that, scientists!

Now go out and run!

4 thoughts on “Ode To My Headphones

  1. Actually? Thanks so much for this post. My cartilege forms a smaller hole in my right ear than my left, so only the left ear bud falls out, and Saturday the cushioney bit fell right away during my run. Been wondering what kind of earbuds to get to replace it — now I know! Thanks 😀

  2. Haha, clever post.

    Jealous, I have to do a lot of treadmill running because of schedule/location but my IPOD is broken!. It happened a a few months ago and I cant justify replacing it. So I hear the same songs over the loudspeakers of my gym over and over and over when I run there. Ugh, how I miss my terrific ipod music, and the nuisance of headphones.

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