Friday Fitness News: Girl Scout Cookies

It is a cruel, cruel world when Girl Scout cookies are delivered the day before Lent starts.


Thankfully, Thin Mints are better frozen.

Onward, friends. Happy Friday! I am doing my taxes this weekend, what about you? I’d reeeeeally rather be planning a lazy Saturday in my pajamas (read: my usual) instead, but Uncle Sam would probably have something to say about skipping taxes this year.

‘Til the time when I can have my personal assistant do all my dirty work, here is what you might have missed in the Fitness world this week:


Anybody racing this weekend? Running a crazy long run? I’ll probably knock out 10 or so again on Sunday and, yes, I’ll be doing it on the treadmill. Don’t judge. Outdoors isn’t an option just yet. I’m not loving the endless miles on the ‘mill, but it has given me an opening for a cool opportunity next week. Stay tuned for that!

Now go out and run!