Time Trials

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So, I run for distance. My schedule usually says something like “run 5 miles” or “10 miles: 1 warm up, 4 marathon pace, 4 half-marathon pace, 1 all out” or the like. I don’t like to run for time…so, naturally I made that a workout this week. I just figure if I don’t like doing it, I should probably do it anyway.

The other thing is that as I get faster, I really need to be adding on the mileage. 5 miles ain’t what it used to be to me when I’m running it at 7:20-7:35 minute miles and I need more than a 38 minute workout. Plus, the only way you become a better runner is to run more and faster. So, here we go.

Yesterday I did a 60 minute time trial on the treadmill. Why the treadmill? Proximity to the bathroom. Would have loved to have done this outside on the West Side Highway or something but that’s just not in the cards quite yet.

Oh treadmill, people might talk s*#t about you but you are MY friend

Why 60 minutes? Because most of my runs have been 50 minutes or less lately and I wanted to hit that 60 minute mark. Here’s how it worked:

  • 1 mile warm up (8:30 pace)
  • 22 minutes at 7:48 pace (half-marathon pace-ish), worked my way down to 7:30 as I found my groove
  • With 30 minutes left, I dropped the hammer and ran 7:23, working my way down to 7:03
  • Last 5 minutes at 6:53
  • Walking cool down
  • Massive stretch

It generally takes me 3 or 4 miles to feel comfortable in my pace when I’m running any distance over 5 miles. Less than that and I’m just trying not to puke running a hard 5K and it’s a whole other ball game. So that’s why I didn’t lay the hammer down til about halfway through. And yes, 7:23 is “laying the hammer down” for me. Don’t judge. I knew if I did it too soon that I’d burn out. I did negative splits and really felt that I gave it my all for that day.

I did this for a mental as well as a physical challenge. I ran 7.8 miles in 60 minutes. Next time I may not count the warm up and see if I can’t get the full 8 miles in 60 minutes, a goal I’ve had for a while. The mental side of it was that I had to keep going, no matter how many miles I covered. So, because I had that 8 mile goal and was on a time crunch, I pushed and pushed to get to it.

This is a great way to get a hard run in on the treadmill or on an out-and-back run outside.See how many miles you cover in a given period of time and check yourself every month to see how you’ve improved. Doesn’t have to be 60 minutes, it could be 20. Pick a time and run for it!

Hopefully next month's time trial will be here! See you out there?

Now go out and run.