Friday Fitness Links: Under Fire

Guys, let’s here it for Friday.

First, have you entered your favorite workout buddy/inspiration in my Sparkly Soul giveaway? Do. It. Now.

Second, wow. Just…wow. I have to say that I have mixed feelings about this whole Susan G. Komen defunding and then re-funding Planned Parenthood. On the one hand, HOORAY FOR PEER PRESSURE! And on the other, I am absolutely disgusted that this was ever an issue and that something so serious became greatly trivialized, and in turn reversed, by online rants and petitions. It doesn’t seem as though the board members at Susan G. Komen gave their decision much thought if it could be reversed by Twitter, Facebook and the like.

Anyway, that’s not necessarily a Fitness-related topic, except for many of us, it absolutely is.


That’s it for today, everyone! Don’t forget to tell your friends about the Sparkly Soul giveaway. Have a great weekend. Anyone racing this weekend?

Now go out and run!