Q & A: Runner Problems

There are problems and there are runner problems. This blog is a safe place to talk about both. Up today: Runner Problems from two awesome readers.

Q. I’m rehabbing a stress fracture in my tibia and getting ready to get back into running. Any tips?

Injured? Been there. Rehabbed that. Sprained ankles were my thing during cross country. And basketball. Also rehabbed from bad fashion and glasses that make my face look rounder than it already is.

A. First off, make sure you have the OK from your physical therapist to start running again. Second, ask them about how many days a week you’re allowed to run (at first). The will likely tell you start with just a little bit and build up from there. Lots of help, right? When I came back from my glute strain–yes, there is such a thing–I ran one mile 3 times a week as long as I didn’t have any pain at all. I swam and did the recumbent bike to supplement my cardio workouts in the mean time. So long as I was pain-free, I added a mile onto my runs every other week until I felt confident that I could take up my regular mileage again (~25 miles/week). This was after about a month.

Every body is different and so every body heals at a different rate. I would say to start small and build slowly. Make sure strength training is a big part of your life before you add on any serious mileage (like, 4 miles or more) and to do your physical therapy exercises religiously. If you feel pain of any kind, stop immediately and get back into your doctor’s office. Pain (not soreness, but PAIN) is not to be ignored when you’re coming back from an injury.

Q. My group fitness instructor had us jump in the pool with our shoes on the other night (don’t ask). My sneakers are soaked! Is it ok to pop them in the dryer?

Sopping. Wet. Sneakers. Yuck.

A. Ummmm…jumping in a pool with your shoes on? Were you given prior notice of this??? Anyway, if you can avoid the dryer, you should. The high heat can damage the very expensive cushioning you paid to have in your very expensive running shoes. A better way, if you have the time, is to remove the inserts and then stuff the shoes with newspaper. This way, the inserts can dry off and the newspaper will absorb the remaining moisture in the shoes. If you’re desperate, go ahead and use the dryer. Just don’t make a habit of it. Those shoes are pricey!

Got a question about running, running gear, life in general? Email me at runstrongereveryday@gmail.com –Don’t be shy!

Now go out and run!

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