Drop Sets

People hem and haw about treadmill running, but it’s a big part of my training because, well, sometimes I need to be indoors. I won’t gross you out bore you with the details. Anywho, I’m always trying to come up with different ways to pass the time on the Spinning Devil and while on vacation in Colorado on my parents’ treadmill, I came up with this one:

Lots of thinking (and running!) went on in this gym over Christmas

Drop Sets

How to do them:

  1. Warm up for a mile
  2. Find your 10K pace
  3. Every .10 mile on the treadmill, increase your speed by .10 until you’ve run a mile
  4. Recover at moderate pace for 1/2 mile
  5. Repeat two-four times
  6. Cool down 1/2 mile

I like this workout. First of all, the workout makes the time FLY on the treadmill, which is no easy feat.

Time flies = Abby flies!

The other part I love is that I can push just a little bit more each time and it’s always do-able. I don’t even feel the .10 increase in speed but the accumulation of going from running a 7-minute mile to a 6 minute mile over the course of a single mile really adds up and makes me feel super-speedy (even if I’m not…). Runner ego boost!

It’s also a great way to test your speed limits and go for it in a safe environment.

Not quit whining about how running on a treadmill is soooooo boring and try these Drop Sets.

Now go out and run!

8 thoughts on “Drop Sets

  1. I may be weird but I love a good treadmill run! I run outside when I can but I’m also a big fan of a speedy run on the treadmill; when I’m able to increase and decrease the speed and incline at different, set intervals, I always feel like I’ve completed such a solid workout.

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