The Treadmill Is Your (Winter Running) Friend

Icy roads + funky tummy = lots of treadmill time

I have runner friends who curse the treadmill. They swear up and down that they’ll never, ever use them unless it’s blizzarding outside and they absolutely have to get a run in. And even then, they often opt to forego the run all together versus getting on a “dreadmill.”

Who's afraid of the big, bad treadmill? Not I, said the fly.

I am here to tell you that the treadmill can be your friend, especially in the winter. Not only can you get an awesome short distance workout in, but it can be the best tool in your arsenal against those cold winter runs.

What do I mean? Well, I’m about to share my favorite winter running thing with all of you. Are you ready?

When it’s freezing outside, like below 25°F, warm up inside on the treadmill before you pile on the layers and head out the door.

Pre-sweaty warm up

Here’s how:

  • Strip down to your base layers.
  • Warm up at a reasonable pace but whatever you do, DON’T LET YOURSELF START TO SWEAT!!!! You want to be warm but not be sweating.
  • Once you are warmed up (about 5 minutes), throw on those layers and run out the door while you’re still warm.
  • Enjoy!

Don't get sweaty like me!

If you’re warm before you jump into the cold winter weather, you’re likely to stay warm by having your clothes insulate you before you get cold. It works. Trust me. There is no way on Earth I could survive winter running in NYC without my neighborhood treadmill.

Give this a shot and let me know how it works for you!

Now go out and run!