Better Than the Alternative Tuesdays: R & R

I am loving every single minute of our vacation. It has been stress-free, laid-back and full of fun times with the family. That is why I am not going to get all crazy about not having time to blog yesterday.

First off, JB and I had an adventure in Estes Park. We drove the long way up into the mountains, where JB has never been, to show him how beautiful my Rocky Mountains are.

Hello, gorgeous!

Estes Park is about an hour West of Denver and we love a drive. Since we took the long way, we went past lots of ranches and open fields.


Estes Park is just beautiful, but it has a scary little secret…

The Stanley Hotel (aka the hotel from "The Shining")

Ok, so it’s not scary at all, but The Stanley Hotel is totally cool and has old-world charm in every nook and cranny of its buildings.

Warm and cozy. No scary twin girls here.

I am quite partial to the view just outside the main doors.

Breathtaking mountains.

And this time, we had some friends join us–very close to the hotel!

ELK! You know, just hanging out. Grazing.

We had lunch and walked along the creek. It was our first real date in a while and we had just the loveliest day for it. We had such a great day. “But what the heck, Abby?” you might be saying, “You had all evening to write and post your blog.”

Well, my hands were a little full.

Drool monster.

I think you're just the right size for my carry-on bag.

Blog or cuddle with my sweet baby niece? Priorities, people.

I mean, you get it now, right? I was like, “Blog? What blog? Look at my niece!”

And this is actually what this week’s BTAT is all about: R & R.

Sometimes life just gets to be too much and you need a little (or a lot) R & R. For me, I don’t often realize how badly I need the R & R until I settle down and start to relax and I feel an enormous weight lifted off of me.

Holidays aren’t always the best time to expect R & R. In fact, between traveling and staying in unfamiliar places, holidays can often add to your already stressful life. Fortunately for us, visiting Colorado has been just the respite from life that we needed. No worries, no running around, no work to rush off to. Just us and family and the beautiful state of Colorado.

R & R is important. Physically, it allows your body to repair itself. Sleepless nights, 18-hour days (often sitting in front of a computer), schlepping to and fro all day long. These things beat you down. Emotionally and mentally, R & R allows you to gather yourself and take a step back from that ledge you constantly feel you’re teetering on. You get your footing and take a breath.

That breath for me was the cool, clean mountain air of Estes Park and the giggles of my sweet baby niece.

City girl or mountain girl? Ahhh, a little of both!

But it could just mean a stay-cation or a lunch date with a friend or a quiet drive on a beautiful day. R & R reminds us that there is life outside our apartments/houses/office buildings. There are beautiful things happening in the world, but we have to stop in order to see them.

When you do, wow, it is totally what makes today and every day that we are here way Better Than the Alternative.

Take a day. Take a breath. Let the world go on turning without you. I promise it will be there when you come back.

Now go out and run!