Friday Fitness News: Holiday Weekend!

Well, everyone, you made it! It’s Friday and the long holiday weekend is finally upon us. I will be taking my Physics final this afternoon and flying home to see my family tonight, arriving just in time for Christmas Eve. So excited!

Apparently, this is what is waiting for us in Colorado (stolen from Ginger)

I will be so happy to get on that plane and finally be able to relax and start my holiday. Because holidays don’t really start until finals end, you know? Yes, our tree and stockings have been up for a while and I’ve been playing Christmas music while I wrapped presents, but with an exam still looming, Christmas just hasn’t really arrived for me or JB just yet. That will all change when we step into the Obi-wans’ house at midnight tonight and wolf down some of Mrs. Obi-wan’s cookies. Mmm…cookies.

Ready to be here!

But before all that, let’s recap what’s happening in the world of health and fitness this week. It’s been a busy week!

For all of you who are traveling over the holidays, travel safely. I hope each of you finds time to enjoy the beauty of the season and spend a moment or two with someone you love.

Merry Christmas (Happy Chanukah!) to all and to all a good night.

Now go out and run!

5 thoughts on “Friday Fitness News: Holiday Weekend!

    • I know. I just want to get this video out there so that those cops are shamed into making a public apology for their callous behavior towards someone who did nothing wrong and was in pain.

  1. Love the recap of the news! The childhood obesity thing drives me crazy too. Teaching kids about health and fitness starting at a young age and creating good habits is so vital, in my opinion. P.S. When I win the lottery I will totally invest in your airport gym idea 🙂

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