Winter Running: The Sweaty Truth

My 6.5 miles this morning was a balmy 37°, exactly the temperature I like my runs to be! Cool, breezy and I still get all sweaty and warm by the end. I am still wearing my favorite Run: Inspire Crops Run: Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve & the slightly heavier Define Jacket on my runs. I am also sporting my Run: Brisk gloves but they are clean out of them all over the country AND online! (All images courtesy of lululemon athletica because I forgot to take one of myself)

I don’t generally break out the super-long, brushed inside layer Sugoi tights until about mid-January. Because I have the luxury of running when the sun is out in the winter, it isn’t necessary to do the crazy-warm hat and full tights that those of you who are busting out your runs at 5am in the dark. Ya’ll bundle up out there!

The idea surrounding dressing properly for your winter runs is that you are warm enough that you DO sweat. Sometimes it’s just too damn cold and, no matter how many layers you have on, you just don’t feel those beads of sweat roll down your face.

HOWEVER (read this carefully)


What it means is that you may not be releasing as much heat as during the hot summer months and/or the heat that your body is releasing that normally forms sweat beads on your skin is evaporating quickly in the cool, dry air. If your heart rate is elevated, you are releasing heat from your body. It’s science. You are sweating whether you feel sweaty or not.

What does this mean for your winter running? Quite simply, it means you need to pay as much attention to your hydration in the winter as you do in the summer. MORE, since the heat blasting from your office building and forced air heaters at home are probably sucking every bit of moisture out of your body throughout the day and by the time you get to your run, you’re already dehydrated.

The water fountains in Central Park are almost all turned off (didn’t the just turn on?) but the Hudson River Park ones are year-round temperature controlled so New Yorkers, take note and plan ahead for your runs. The rest of you, don’t forget your mobile hydration! Last thing you want is to be the runner who passed out due to hydration on the coldest day of the year. That’s just embarrassing.

Ok, now go out and run!

(PS. I wrote this entire post with one hand while the other arm had an IV in it. Now that’s talent!)

4 thoughts on “Winter Running: The Sweaty Truth

    • Right?! I love a winter run! The crops are the best, by the way. Minimal bouncing and zero chafing. Totally worth it and they last FOREVER (I mean, I live in my workout clothes since I’m a personal trainer and they last FOR-EV-ER)

  1. Hello! I love your blog and thought I would finally comment 🙂

    Winter running definitely isn’t as bad as everyone thinks it is, as long as you have the right clothes. Once I get started I usually feel perfectly fine. It’s getting out there that’s the hardest, haha. Taking a hot shower afterwards is the best!

    I have the long sleeve lululemon shirt too, love it

    • Welcome, Kara! I am such a fan of winter running, especially for the hot showers afterwards 🙂 Have you seen the Run: Swiftly in Paris Pink?! Talk about reflective wear!

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