…By New Year’s Day 2012

Confession: I hate New Year’s resolutions. I have never set one. I don’t like the idea that there’s one day of the year when people are supposed to start something. I get that some people need the start date to start anything, but I am going to propose something radical.

Start today.

Start now.

So that by New Year’s Day 2012, you have already accomplished something. Instead of:”I will start (insert New Year’s resolution) on January 1, 2012″ try this on for size: “I will be doing/have completed (insert goal) by January 1, 2012.”

It’s much more powerful to have an end goal date than a start goal date. Procrastinators (ie. most of us out there) get this. You will work much harder if you have a deadline than if you have just a starting date and an open timeline.

Why start now?

Why not?

The holiday season is one of the most stressful times of the year for people young and old. Money, travel, family drama, work, end-of-year job stuff, seasonal depression, holiday food, office parties…the list of potentially nightmare-ish scenarios goes on and on. Why not set a goal during this crazy time and do something good for yourself?

Need more of this

I will…

have run every day since Thanksgiving…(STREAK!)

be taking a yoga class twice a week…

be running 7:30 miles for my long runs…

finish one non-school book…

take one Flywheel class a week…

turn over my wardrobe and clean out my closet…

race hard one race…

By New Year’s Day 2012!

There are a lot more sweaty Flywheel classes in my future!

Not very lofty goals, but goals nonetheless. I challenge you to start now and not wait for midnight on New Year’s Eve to decide to start something. Nothing will ever live up to the moment when Billy Crystal runs up to meet Meg Ryan and tell her he wants to spend the rest of his life with her in When Harry Met Sally.

It’s never that climactic, so let’s stop putting expectations on that one day and do it now. Don’t think to hard about it, just do it.

What are you going to achieve by New Year’s Day 2012? I want to know! Tell me all about it!

Now go out and run!

7 thoughts on “…By New Year’s Day 2012

  1. Great post and I agree with you. I have never completed a new years resolution. This year I failed misarably at goals set around my art. So in July I was fed up and said that Im drawing a new piece of art everyday for a year. Today I hit 161 straight and didn’t resolve to do it or write it down. I just picked up the pen and did it. Good luck on the running and keep the streak alive. You have started it during what has to be the hardest time for runners to start, around Thanksgiving time.

  2. You know, I’m not sure, yet, but I also don’t like New Year’s Resolutions. Its probably because January really doesn’t start a “new year” for me since I’ve been in school (August to August) or medicine (July to July) for my whole life! I like making a new goal when I want and working towards it then.

    And, man, I wish I could afford flywheel!

    • Ditto with the school stuff. Hey! Did you know Flywheel is doing a community class every Friday at 12:30pm on the UES? First come, first serve on the bikes!

  3. Excellent perspective!
    I don’t do new years resolutions. I write a list of goals for the year (so by mid-November each year, I’m looking at that list thinking “I did A, B, and C, but I’ve still got to to Y and Z by midnight on December 31. I better get moving!!!”) It sort of works the same way, but sometimes starting with a shorter timeline is a good kick in the pants. 😉

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