Hey all.

Just wanted to send out a little bit of gratitude your way before tomorrow gets outta hand. Turkey, family, wine, Turkey Trots, pie, wine…mmmmm, Thanksgiving!

Even if you are a cynical bastard who thinks Thanksgiving is a crock and the Pilgrims actually stole that food (amongst other things) from the Native Americans and it’s a Hallmark Holiday, the sentiment should not be forgotten or squandered.

Giving thanks for what you have teaches you humility, which in turn gives you grace.

I am humbled by all I have been given in this world. My husband who could not be better suited for me and whom I love with my whole heart. My family which is huge and loving and I wouldn’t trade any of them for the whole world. The Obi-wans who have taught me all I know about being a good person. My gorgeous friends who selflessly share of their time and talents so that I might learn and benefit from their friendship. My teachers who decided it was a good idea to make the rest of us smarter. My city and country where the opportunities abound!

I have been given opportunities that others only dream of and I hope that I am not squandering them. I hope I am being the change I want to see in the world, one day at a time.

I hope that you know how lucky you are and that, at some point tomorrow, you take stock of what you have and give thanks.

Happy Thanksgiving, friends. Gobble, gobble!

Now go out and run!

And you New Yorkers, I’ll see you in a little bit at the Turkey Trot!

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