We’re Going Streaking!

Runner’s World is doing this awesome thing where they challenge runners to run at least a mile every day starting on Thanksgiving and ending on New Year’s Day 2012. It’s called the Runner’s World Holiday Streak. Of course, I’m totally in, as I am looking for a new challenge while I come down off of my high from Philly.

Wanna join in? Cool. Start with me on Thursday and let me know how you’re doing. Check in on Twitter with the hashtag #RWRunStreak and comment here on the blog under the “Streak” tag.

I can’t wait to hear who all is with me on this. So far, I’ve got a tentative YES from Red. Any other takers???

8 thoughts on “We’re Going Streaking!

    • Depends on how long your training is and where you are physically. If your training schedule is 16 weeks long and you take 6 weeks (the length of the streak) to run every day and starting from a place of strength (in the gym) and endurance (out on the road), it’s not a big deal. If your new to marathoning or have 12 weeks til your race or not super-strong out on the road, I’d save it for another time. But tell me more about when your marathon is and what your training schedule looks like and I can help more!

      • Thanks Abby! I actually don’t have a solid training plan yet. My marathon is about 22 weeks away on April 15th (in Paris!), I’m planning on doing an 18-20 wk plan. I’m at the point where I’ve run 3 half marathons, on avg. I run about 20-30miles a week and 15miles is the longest run I’ve done to date (twice). I almost always run on the road, since March 2011, I’ve probably run on the treadmill about twice.

        If you have any training plans you recommend would love your feedback from a seasoned pro!

      • First off, yay for your 1st marathon! Second, you can totally do the streak. Cycle your days so that you have 2-3 “off” days where you get only 1 mile in and it’s, like, a jog to and from the store or around your neighborhood to do errands (you’re a NY-er, right?). That way, you only have 4-5 hard run days. I’ll probably blog about this tomorrow or the next day: how to streak (or something like that). I’m a big believer in less is more. The more concentrated and tailored your weekly runs, the fewer of them you have to do (3-4 + a spin or swim). Also, I believe strongly in x-training by lifting in the gym at least twice a week until tapering. One day (or more) a week of yoga and you got yourself my perfect marathon training program!

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