The “I’m Bored With My Runs” Workout

Bored with just going out for a 5-miler every. single. day? It happens. Actually, it really shouldn’t happen because you should be varying your workouts so that you aren’t running 5 miles a day, but should-a, could-a, would-a.

Here’s a workout, for either the treadmill or an outside run, to kick the doldrum blues to the curb!

  • Warm up for 5-8 minutes at a normal jog
  • Run with a long stride for one minute and then jog for 30 seconds to recover (repeat 5 times)
  • Run at a comfortably fast pace for 5 minutes
  • Run at an uncomfortably fast pace for 1 minute (fast as you can go and keep the pace consistent for the whole minute) and then jog for one minute to recover (repeat 5 times)
  • Run at a comfortably fast pace for 5 minutes
  • 30 second sprint with a 30 second recovery jog (repeat 5 times)
  • 5 minute cool down run

Interval workouts aren’t supposed to be as long as traditional aerobic workouts. They require a lot more energy because you’re sprinting for short periods of time, causing your body to operate on an anaerobic cardiovascular platform. When you are running at a comfortably fast/uncomfortably fast/sprint, you should be out of breath (successively more as you run faster) and be very ready for that rest jog that I have planted between each interval.

This workout is a great way to break up the monotony that can sometimes seep into our running routine. Have fun with it!

Now what are you waiting for? Get off that couch and…

…Go out and run!

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