Marathon Friday (OMG!)

Happy Marathon Friday everybody!

It’s late, I know. But I have been running all over town seeing friends and making final preparations for the BIG day. Can you tell I love cheering at this race? It’s something I look forward to every year. I think JB is finally getting into it…a little bit, anyway. Poor guy has to put up with all my crazy and I’m not even running. It’s possible that I’m much more calm before my own marathons.

Also, I am definitely sympathy carb-loading. *sigh*

Anyway, there isn’t much going on in the fitness world besides the marathon, so here is your last-minute guide to all the details regarding the ING NYC Marathon happening this Sunday.

*Remember that Daylight Savings happens on Sunday morning at 2AM. Set your clocks BACK one hour before you go to bed on Saturday night or you’ll be a little bit confused as to why everyone is running an hour late for everything that day.*

  • If you’re curious about stats (like, there are 441 POJs on the course!), here are a few.
  • Between this interactive map and this detailed subway map, I got you covered with how to get around on Marathon Sunday.
  • Wave start times are listed here along with some random course information.
  • Be sure not to miss your athlete and take advantage of the app you can download off of iTunesΒ to track your runner or also do it via SMS text. Remember to get their bib number and wave start time in order to properly predict when they’ll be where.
  • These guys have some suggested viewing locations. I prefer further north on both 1st and 5th Avenues to avoid the crowds. 125th Street sounds like a nice spot.
  • Runner’s World has an anywhere guide to watching the marathon.
  • If you missed my last minute tips on how to get yourself all ready for the big day, try here and here.
  • Keep your eyes peeled on the course. There are a few celebrities who will be out there slogging through 26.2 with you. And one very famous Chilean miner who, apparently, is back with proper above-ground, non-poisonous gas-filled chamber training.

On that note, best of luck to all of you who will be running this weekend. I know there’s also a marathon happening in Savannah and LUCK to all of you, too. Remember, you can do this. Keep going.

Look for me at mile 22 with the lululemon athletica cheer station. I will be the one with the cowbells.

Now go out and run!

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