Science Backs Me Up

A few links for your Friday reading enjoyment. Some old, some new. All worth taking a look:

Weight training improves performance.

Running does not destroy your knees. So there.

Running in races helps to make you a faster runner.

Even Paula Radcliffe has bad days and wants to quit. Phew! I thought it was just me.

-If you are not inspired by Team Hoyt, you are dead in your soul.

*Bonus for you New Yorkers out there*

Join me and Aleah Stander of Flywheel Sports for an awesome BRICK workout (bike and run), compliments of lululemon athletica. Click here for details. Work out with me. Come on, you can do it!

Happy Friday, everyone.

Now go out and run!

3 thoughts on “Science Backs Me Up

  1. Yes! I love the first two links. It’s so hard getting my friends in that mentality…it’s like they’re locked into thinking weight training will yield Hulk muscles and that running will cripple you come old age.

    Guess I’ll show them those two and hope it does a little bit of help, haha.

    • Ha! I debunk the bulky body myth every time I meet a new client. We gotta spread the word that working out makes you healthy, not huge and that running is good for you. Drives me bananas that people argue otherwise despite all the evidence.

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