Better Than The Alternative Tuesdays (On A Wednesday…oops): Fall

I thought yesterday was Wednesday. All day. I didn’t miss class or work or anything, but having Chemistry class on Mondays and Wednesdays all year last year really screwed me up for this Tuesday/Thursday Physics schedule. I should have known. I saw my Tuesday clients but, alas, I asked each and every one of them, “Is today Wednesday?” and promptly blogged as if it were. Thus, Better Than The Alternative Tuesdays is on Wednesday this week. *sigh*

Upward and onward.

Marine Corps Marathon finish line is Arlington Cemetery. A beautiful, peaceful place to be in October.

I love Fall. It’s almost Fall here in the city. Apparently, after it rains tomorrow, it will be Fall. Well, except for those two weeks in October when it’s 85° again and people start asking each other, “Can we wear flip-flops in October?!” My response is yes to wearing sandals all year-round if the weather calls for it. I hate when my feet get hot.

I digress.

Fall means my favorite things: boots, light jackets/blazers, marathon season, less sweating while <insert any activity here>, pie, perfect running days, foliage, cozy nights, warm food, open apartment windows (finally!), sweaters, bzzzzzzzzz hot cocoa, new school classes, holiday season, my husband in cute sweaters, baseball playoffs, the GOOD movies finally come out, soup, new marathon shoes, some of my favorite people have birthdays, crisp mornings, long-sleeved running tops, turkey dinner, less bronzer, more snuggling, and it’s almost Christmastime!

Go Yankees!!!

These are just a few of the things I LOVE about Fall. I suppose I could have just said: food, clothes, marathons and the weather. But that’s boring. I like my little list 🙂

I like the other seasons just fine but as a true midwestern gal-turned New Yorker, I love Fall most of all. I just do. Fall and early Spring represent such an amazing change in the seasons and a fresh start at life for me. I suppose that’s why I am in awe when I run through Central Park at those times of year. I’m reminded of the beauty and simplicity in the world and I actually stop to take it in. Thanks for the reminder, Mother Nature.

Central Park in the Springtime is bursting with beauty!

And that’s just another reason why it’s better to be here than there. Fall.

Now go out and run, friends!

What do you LOVE about Fall?

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