Running Is Cheaper Than Therapy

There’s a magnet on our refrigerator that says this. Of course, it’s sentiment is meant to make you giggle, nod your head and say, “that’s true” with a smile. To me, and so many others, it means more.

Running is a way to work out my frustration without unleashing on anyone. Running is a private place for me to think about my life. I can daydream when I run. I can cry when I run. When I’m running, my anger melts away. I feel stronger after the hardest, longest of my runs. On just about every run, I realize something new about myself, my life. Running is my therapy.

The world is an unfair place. The things about life that bother me are that which is entirely out of my control. I cannot control who gets sick, who lives or dies. I cannot save the world or someone from their own demise. I cannot change the past nor can I predict the future. I cannot change what has already been.

Running is something I can do. I can release the frustration and the feeling of helplessness on a run instead of on the people in my world. I can run to remember. I run to forget. I run to fight the odds, to beat the odds. I can run to give myself the best chance at the best life possible. I can run to remind myself of that which is most and important and beautiful in this life. I can run to stave off Mother Nature and Father Time. The cruelty of life does not exist when I’m running because I’m running. I run because I can.

So, when people chuckle to themselves in disbelief when I tell them I run marathons and tell me that they “could never do that,” I just smile back and think, ” I have to do it.

Now go out and run. Run to remember. Run to forget. Run to create and dream. Run strong, friends. Run because you can.