Here Comes The Story Of The Hurricane

Well, we survived! It was loud and windy and wet, but we seem to have come through Hurricane Irene, aka Tropical Storm Irene, relatively unscathed. I swear, those raindrops banging against our apartment windows last night sounded like tiny rocks threatening to break into our little apartment, but nope. Nothing broken, nothing even cracked. I might sound disappointed, I am not. I am relieved that we have power, have our home and there’s no flooding to be seen on our streets.

No flooding. No cars. Hardly any people. It's 11am!

JB and I ventured out for a walk and found our streets virtually deserted. With the rain still misting down, it seemed my fellow New Yorkers were content to stay indoors. Not us! Outside, our apartment looked just fine.

The 'ol Turtle Bay/Sutton Place held up pretty well!

Not even more than a few puddles! We trekked up to Central Park to see how the rest of our beloved city made out.


I have NEVER seen Central Park closed before. But, given how crowded the streets were yesterday with runners and bicyclists, I am not surprised that they felt they could shut it down today. They were probably thinking, “What? Everyone worked out yesterday, we can close it today.” Well, ok then. Take a day off everybody!

I will see you tomorrow, my Park. Sans kicky rain boots, I imagine.

Even the animals seem to be relatively relaxed this morning. (We have a zoo in Central Park, for those of you who didn’t know)

Just a regular 'ol day at the zoo

So, what do you do when everything is closed down (I mean everything: Starbucks, grocery store, gym, everything!)…

Aren't rainy days meant for shopping? This is just WRONG.

…I will do yoga. What better way to spend a rainy day at home but on my mat, zen-ing out and finding peace? After all, I’m actually kinda wary of running in the park after a storm. This guy was whacked by a branch last year and died because he thought it was a genius idea to go running during a storm. Not me, I’m a safety girl.


So, day off after running 14 miles and then sitting on my butt for the rest of the day = desperate for some stretching and twisting. I’m sure I’ll feel lots and lots better after an hour with my favorite yoga podcast. See you later! Ommmmm…

Now go out and run!

What do you do on a mandatory day off? Rest, clean, shop? I’d be shopping today except for every single store is closed. Ugh. Come on, MTA, get it going!