3 Ways To Make Sure Your Workout Gets DONE (No Excuses!)

I am approached pretty regularly by people who struggle with fitting their workouts in. Whether it’s work, kids, friends or just life keeping these people from completing their workouts, I always tell them the same 3 tricks that I learned the hard way.

#1. Make your workout fit your schedule. If you wake up at 5am to get ready for work and are sitting at your desk by 6:30am, chances are a morning workout isn’t going to be your thing. And if Friday night is your late night out with friends, Saturday morning runs just aren’t going to happen. Be honest with what your life is like and what your patterns are and plan a workout time that works for you.

#2. Find someone else who will keep you accountable for your workouts. This can be a friend, a coach, a team or a check-in on a blog/Facebook/whatever where you share your fitness goals with other people. I swear up and down that the only reason I actually ran my first marathon was because I told everyone I know that I was doing it and it helped A LOT! People asked about my training and cheered me on every day, not just at the race.

#3. Don’t be so hard on yourself, a workout is a workout. If you only have 20 minutes to run, do this workout. If you can only run 1 mile right now, run your pants off for that one mile and keep working towards the second mile. Only have half and hour to get a lift in? Do it. IT ALL COUNTS. Don’t skip a workout because it’s not exactly what you want it to be and exactly how long you think it should be, just do it and put a check in the box.

You can do this. Commit to a workout plan and make it happen. And tell me (and everyone else) how you make sure you have a successful workout week.

Now go out and run!

(Sidebar: If you don’t hear from me at some point this weekend, it could be because Time Warner Cable is crap and taken down by Hurricane Irene. Fear not, friends, I am home with a ridiculous amount of food and beverages and a very handy former Marine. We will be fine. Everyone else, stay safe!)

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