Better Than The Alternative Tuesdays: Cheerleaders

This has been an awesome Tuesday and it definitely calls for a Better Than The Alternative title! Today’s reason why it’s better to be here than there: cheerleaders. No, not the Dallas Cowboy type. Life cheerleaders.

I do not always believe in myself. Do you? I don’t. Not always, anyway. It’s a good thing I have a group of trusted individuals whose opinions I respect to tell me the truth about tough situations. Because when they tell me I can do it, I actually believe them. They give me confidence and courage to try (and try and try and try) that which scares me the most: school.

Math is not my strong suit, but over and over again Mr. & Mrs. Obi-wan keep telling me just to work hard and keep trying and what will be will be. Without those two cheerleaders, I’m not sure I would even be here in New York City, let alone at New York University.

I wouldn’t have even applied to school if it hadn’t been for my gorgeous husband. All along, he keeps telling me that I’m smart enough to get through any program, I just need the right teachers and tutors and attitude. I love him for this. He’s my biggest cheerleader an my biggest fan. It’s awesome to come home to the Rocky theme song playing on the computer and my husband shouting, “One more round, Rock!” It’s our way of pumping each other up and it never fails to make me smile.

My family and friends and clients are so supportive and understanding about school. They have so much faith in me that they are willing to forgive my absence and absent-mindedness while I put my energy elsewhere. And my lululemon family who pump me up when I’m feeling useless everywhere else in life. What a gift!

My favorite new cheerleaders are the teachers who care. My Calculus, Anatomy, Physiology, Chemistry and Pre-Calculus teachers have all told me what a hard worker I am and what a great PT I’ll be. Their kind words and confidence have meant more to me than they’ll know. I’ve had one other college professor care as much and he has since passed away. He never gave up on me or my lack of musical talent and I’m forever grateful for the hours he spent trying to teach me music theory.

This is what I want to be for other people: a cheerleader. For my runners, I will cheer you on at races and at workouts and I will help you in any way I can. For my clients, I always believe that you really can do “just one more.” For those random people for whom I cheer like a wild banshee at marathons, I really am amazed by what you’re doing because it’s hard and you’re doing it. For my friends, whatever you need, I got your back.

Thank your cheerleaders. Tell them you appreciate it. Be thankful for them. Be a cheerleader for someone else. It doesn’t have to be at a sporting event, it can be by celebrating a life victory with a friend. It can be sharing words of confidence with a family member who is struggling. It can be just a positive word of encouragement in an email to someone you love. Everyone needs a cheerleader and I’m forever thankful for all of mine because, on this Better Than The Alternative Tuesday, I am moving on from Calculus to Physics because of my cheerleaders. Bring. It. On.

Who’s your biggest cheerleader? Tell me! I want to know all about it 🙂

Now go out and run.

2 thoughts on “Better Than The Alternative Tuesdays: Cheerleaders

  1. BEING a cheerleader gives me goosebumps, too. I remember cheering at the Marathon last year with Lulu and being teary and emotional.
    Cheering is just as rewarding as being cheered for!

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