I ♥ Summer Streets

Yay for Summer Streets! My Mayor, Mikey Bloomberg (aka Bloomie) started this fun August activity three years ago and I have been a loyal supporter ever since I ran out my door one August morning to find Park Avenue shut down all morning long. It’s so great for us runners and bikers and the like because as training season goes into full swing, we yearn for a new route to run. Don’t get me wrong, the park is beautiful and amazing and we’re lucky to have it, but those hills get OLD after a while. So, this morning I very happily took full advantage of the stretch from 72nd Street to the Brooklyn Bridge for my 12 mile run this morning.

It was nice and cool this morning (only 79°!) but WOW was it humid! I was so happy about the temperature, I didn’t notice the humidity right away…until my shorts were soaked and I thought it was raining because I felt droplets on my legs. Gross. Still a fun run, though!

I ran South to the Brooklyn Bridge first, passing several friends along the way. I always shout out when I see someone, so if you were one of those embarrassed lucky people who received one of my famously huge “Hey there, so-and-so” bellows accompanied by my flailing arms waving hello, you’re welcome. It wasn’t crazy crowded as I cruised south, but I knew if I didn’t want to have to throw elbows, I’d have to hit the Bridge early. I love running over the Brooklyn Bridge.

This view never gets old

Onward and upward to the Upper East Side! Some fun things I saw along the way were: sandpits for children, though there were an awful lot of dogs in them as well (sand + this sweaty, sweaty runner = my nightmare), Crunch Fitness Bootcamp class (which I considered stopping for, but figured I had the workout thing covered today), free bike rentals, a Whole Foods picnic area (free food? I’ll have to find out next week) and my favorite thing ever: water fountains!

NYC has some of the best drinking water in the country. How do you like them apples?

I love running up and down Park Avenue for lots of reasons, but number one is because I get to run “through” Grand Central Station. It’s so cool.

Sweet historical monument, folks. Can you believe they almost tore this down? Shame on them!

The very cool coming-out-of-the-tunnel view heading north on Park Avenue

Summer Streets is just the thing to keep us feeling fresh and make our August long runs fun and adventurous!

I returned home rejuvenated and disgusting to find my sock was bloody. Oh no! After 9 years of marathon running, had I finally succumbed to the dreaded toe nail loss during a long run? Say it ‘ain’t so! Summer Streets loves me and would never do that to me, right?

Noooooooooo! Where is the source of this bleeding?!!! (and OHMYGOD I need a pedicure!)

Dr. JB, USMC to the rescue with alcohol to clean the wound and diagnose the injury! The patient looks on nervously:

Oh, just a cut. Phew!

Weird place to get a cut, but I still have all my (embarrassingly unpolished) toenails! I guess that pedicure will have to wait til later in the week.

All in all, a gorgeous 12 miler on my favorite super-long avenue in the city.

What is your favorite way to break up the monotany of running the same routes over and over again? Does your town have a Summer Streets-esque activity?

Tell me quick and then go out and run!!!

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