Exercises To Do This Week

Some people are of the mind that they have to be in a gym to work out. I am not one of those people. Sure, a gym is great for so many exercises, but it’s not always a requirement. Sometimes all you need is a Thera-band and the will power to get it done.

Side Lunge

Side lunges are great for your glutes, hip rotators and quadriceps. It’s a dynamic exercise that is sure to strengthen those muscle groups that can help protect your knees and propel your forward with more power when you stride. For you women out there, lateral rotators are important to strengthen because women have a more severe Q-angle (the angle from your hips to your knees), which can lead to more ITB and meniscus issues as we become active and older. *sigh* Isn’t so much fun being a girl?


Stand with your feet together, lean forward and lunge to the side. Immediately push back to standing, maintaing parallel feet at all times. Do 15-20 reps each leg, 3 sets. Be sure of three things:

1. Lean forward with your chest, but back with your rear end

2. Keep your standing leg straight but bend no further than 90º on the moving leg.

3. Keep your knee from shooting out in front of your toes to keep your knee safe.

Standing Reverse Fly

By using a Thera-band (or the like) for this exercise, you are guaranteeing resistance in both directions of the exercise, which requires more control and is harder to do. Because it’s harder you don’t need lots of weight to make it difficult. If you’re still feeling like it’s a liiiiiittle too easy, you can lift one foot and add the challenge of balancing to the exercise. This will give you those sexy back muscles. It’s excellent for the rhomboids, latissimus dorsi, shoulders and core muscles.


Stand (on one foot or two) with your arms straight, holding either end of the band. Stretch your arms wide without bending them and squeeze your shoulder blades toward your spine. Slowly release your arms until they’re straight out in front of you again but do not let the band go slack. Maintain resistance at all times and keep your shoulders down away from your ears. You can do this with your arms bent but whichever way you do it, don’t bend your arms further as you reach back.

So there you go! An awesome leg sculptor and an upper body exercise that makes for seriously strong (and sculpted!) upper back and shoulder muscles. And you didn’t even have to go to the gym. Who knew?

Now go out and run!

2 thoughts on “Exercises To Do This Week

  1. Those are the two exercises that I always want to incorporate into my routine…but never do because I don’t like them. haha. Side lunges I don’t mind, just when I pop up out of the lunge I have a tendency to want to fall. Reverse flys- so painful, yet so effective! 🙂

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