The Hard Is What Makes It Great

One day you won’t be able to push as hard as you can today. One day your body might betray you and make it impossible for you to run again. One day you might look back on today and wish you would’ve gone out for a run, ran a little faster, worked a little harder, tried that new class, started doing yoga. I know, it’s hard. Testing your limits is scary. And absolutely necessary.

It’s hard to make time for yourself. It’s hard to say no to going out with friends. It’s hard to get up early. It’s hard to run up hills. It’s hard to complete a marathon. It’s hard to run. It’s hard to go one more mile. It’s hard to work out in the heat. It’s hard to go to the gym when it’s snowing outside. It’s hard to hold yoga poses. It’s hard to max out. It’s hard to do a pull-up.

The hard is what makes it great.

If it’s hard and scary and you think you’ll probably fail if you try, you should probably be doing it. More than once. Until it’s not so hard anymore or until you overcome the fear of trying it again. You can do this.

You only have today, no guarantees for tomorrow. What are you going to do to make today count? Go out and run, of course!