Better Than the Alternative Tuesdays: Every Day Is a New Day

Welcome to Better Than the Alternative Tuesdays where I share with you why it’s so much better being here than not being here. This week: Isn’t is just the best that we can make every single day a NEW day?!

It’s been a stressful week. Ok, stressful two years. I’m coming up on my last two semesters of undergraduate work before I (hopefully!) start my PhD program. I haven’t taken a semester off in two years and I can officially say that it’s getting to me a little bit. I find myself in a very not-so-cheerful-Abby-place of late due to the overwhelming amount of stress in my world. Mrs. Obi-wan told me that I should take one day, one hour at a time. She’s right. Upward and onward to today!

I can’t change my GRE score from Sunday. I can’t erase that stupid mistake I made on my Calculus exam yesterday. I can’t make myself get up earlier for the run I did on Saturday (I regretted sleeping in every step of that run–HOLY HOT!). All I can do, all any of us can do is start over today and work on what we can control TODAY.

This is especially true for running. As runners (and athletes!), we will log thousands of miles in our lifetime and guess what? *Shocker* Every run will not be our best run. We stay up too late, we eat the wrong foods, our body just won’t work, we get too hot, we can’t seem to find our balance in yoga class, we’re dehydrated, we’re mentally checked out of our run, we (ok, me) have to stop every ten minutes to hit the POJ, we go the wrong way on a path, it pours cats and dogs in the middle of a run, our favorite workout class has a sub, we have a crappy run, the pool is full of people, our shorts are chafing, it’s stupid-hot outside, we fail to wake up early on a sweltering hot day for a long run…the list is endless. We’ve all had those days. Mama Said they’ll be days like this.”

The challenge in life and in our training is what we do the next day. Do you hit snooze and blow off your run because you’re still grumpy about yesterday’s disaster? Do you stop going to class because you don’t want to get used to a new teacher? Do you forgo running entirely if the forecast calls for rain? Do you wallow in the negativity of the previous day’s (or year or month) performance and give up?

Hell no!

You wake up and say, “It’s a new day today. I’m going to try again!” Because, you know what? You might have the best run of your life today. You might go up a weight in your class. You might jump up a pace group at your run club. You might have one of those runs where you feel incredibly fast the whole time. You might pass a bunch of people. You might finally do crow pose without tipping over. You might make a new friend in your bootcamp. You might find that your new top is ideal for sweaty runs. It might just be a beautiful day, the kind you might regret not using as a run day. It’s the “MIGHT”s in life that keep you going.

So, if you had a lousy day yesterday on the track, in the gym, at work, at home, in your head: let it go. Let it be in the past and move on. You have to have bad workouts. You have to suck at a race. You have to get a cramp mid-run every now and again because you’re human and that’s what happens. Do yourself a favor and give yourself permission to have a bad run and start fresh and new today. Because today, and every day, is a new day and it’s a whole lot better to be here than not. And, hey, you might surprise yourself.

Now go out and run!

*Little suggestion: If yesterday’s workout was the pits, try something different today. It’s amazing how changing things up can make you forget a lousy run!*