The Perfect Squat

The Squat is one of the most effective, beneficial exercises one can have in his/her workout regimen. It is also the exercise that I see done horribly wrong by about 80% of the people in gyms (including trainers). I cringe with horror when I watch someone force their bodies lower and into more compromising positions just because some stupid trainer is saying, “Squat down lower! LOWER!” I want to physically hurt the trainer and advise the client to run for the hills.

Here is the fool-proof way to perform an awesome, safe Squat. Check out these moves:

1. Start by standing up straight with your feet just a little bit wider than your hips.

Feet slightly wider than your hips, chest up

2.Lean back into your heels and push your butt behind you like you’re aiming to sit down in a chair.

Reach your butt back behind you to balance your weight and protect your knees

3. Lean forward with your arms outstretched to counterbalance the weight of your behind and slowly bend your knees while maintaining a strong arch in your lower back. (Think of aiming your belly button to between your thighs)

Always, always maintain a good, strong arch in your lower back

4. With the weight in your heels and your chest tall, lower your butt until you reach the point where your back almost starts to round and you lose your arch or until your can bend your knees no further.

How low you go is not important, but having the perfect form IS!

5. Keep your chest tall, push into your heels and stand straight up.

Things to watch out for are these:

1. Heels coming off the ground 2. Knees in front of the toes

1. Rounded lower back 2. Chest facing the ground

Keep these tips in mind when you’re thinking of adding some awesome squats into your already rockin’ workout routine and you’ll work that gluteus maximus right. Do them slowly and into the mirror. You gain nothing by rushing through them, adding a jump prematurely or throwing a bunch of weight around on a bar. You do not have to go below your knees to engage your glutes. Whomever told you that has never studied Anatomy. Remember, Bad squats = Bad knees.

To review:

-Feet: hips width or slightly wider

-Toes: pointed forward or slightly outward if you are bow-legged

-Back: slightly arched

-Chest: pointed toward the mirror and high

-Chin: up

-Gaze: forward

-Butt: back

-Arms: forward

Master the Squat and you will have a stronger back kick in your stride. It’s a beautiful day outside, people. Now go out and run!!!


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