Better Than the Alternative Tuesdays: Inspiration

Welcome to Tuesday when I share with you why being here (or anywhere, really) is better than the alternative. This week, it’s all about inspiration and where I/you find it, because man cannot workout on will power alone. No sir, we need something to draw upon to inspire us to push when we don’t think we have anything left, to get up and go when we can’t find a good reason to do so, to hold that pose just a little bit longer when we think we’re going to fall over. We need to be inspired by something, anything.


Me, I’m inspired this week by my six siblings. I am one of five, but we’ve managed to wrangle two in-laws into our “little” clan over the past eight years, making eight of us (10, counting the Obi-wans). Holidays are fun. There is always food and never quiet. I love it. One of the other things that I love about my family is how they inspire in me a desire to keep going. You’ve maybe already read about how the Obi-wans inspire me, but they aren’t the only ones. When I’m in need of a boost, I need not look any further than my six siblings.


Mrs. Jones and her Gunslinger are currently separated by several thousand miles due to work. And do they sit at home and mope around? Maybe sometimes, (I know I did sometimes when JB was away) but when they were reunited after six months apart what did they do? Ummm, they were in the gym first thing in the morning doing a couples workout. AND, while they’re apart for this one year, it seems they are having a who-can-get-in-better-shape-by-the-end-of-the-year contest, which is totally a healthier way to pass the time as opposed to drowning their sorrows in a pint every day. Way to go!


Reno and his Blondie are equally bad-ass. Reno messaged me the other day to fill me in on his latest fitness accomplishment: plank for one minute straight. Five weeks ago, he couldn’t do it and last week he did it. Progress is an amazing tool that keeps people going, isn’t it, Reno? Keep going! And Blondie, well, Blondie is pregnant and that’s about the bravest thing one can do with her body. My hat is off to you, sister.


Red is my adventurer. She does Bikram yoga (you go, girl), runs (also completed the 2008 Marine Corps Marathon) and just got a fancy new bike for which clip-in shoes are necessary (and hazardous). That’s hard-core. Her try-anything-once spirit challenges my I’m-fine-with-what-I’m-doing mentality. I think of her when I step into a class for the first time and whenever it snows, I know she’s got her helmet on and is flying down the mountains. The flying Red Demon.


What to say about The Baby? A college athlete (and an awesome one at that), he refuses to let a nagging injury sideline him from being active beyond his football heydey. He commutes around the Windy City on his bike and is determined to try yoga (!) once his injury gives him a break. I love that he takes his puppy running as far as her old legs will take her and makes a point to be active. Now, if only he would move here and I could fix his injuries…a sister can wish, can’t she?


You can find inspiration almost anywhere in the world, oftentimes you need to look no further than to the people nearest and dearest to your heart. Everyone has a story, everyone has a hurdle they are struggling to overcome. I am inspired by the people in my life who fight and try and pursue the seemingly impossible. I’m lucky, I have so many to choose from. Remember this, though: You never know how your actions might be inspiring someone else in your life. So, never give up and when you think you want to, reach inside and think of that person and keep going. Because you are not alone on your journey and wherever you are is better than the alternative.


Thanks for the inspiration, guys–Now go out and run! But first, tell me…what/who inspires you?

2 thoughts on “Better Than the Alternative Tuesdays: Inspiration

  1. So I read this when you first posted it and thought “One minute plank, hm I wonder if I could do that” So today my trainer had me do one for 50 seconds. When we went to do another I said”lets do a minute” and I DID!!! Thanks for the inspiration!! 🙂

    • I LOVE it! You keep on going, girl! (I fully expect to hear about your next 5K by the Fall) And keep us informed about your progress–we’re all on this journey together.

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