My New Gadget: Garmin Forerunner® 110

My awesome family bought me a new gadget for my birthday back in May. It took a little while to get here, but it’s been fun figuring out how to incorporate it into my workouts. Let me be clear, I’m not a big gadget girl. They are probably very helpful refining tools and supply you with endless data and information to analyze about your workout, but I honestly don’t usually care to spend the time it takes to figure out how to use them, much less use them to my advantage. However, I am currently working on fine tuning my running skills and I sure could use a little help figuring out if I’m staying on pace.

Must. Read. Owners. Manual.

Remember my best marathon time? Yes, the one where my training was more lazy laid-back and I felt better at mile 20 than I did at mile 13. Well, according to the marathon timers, my splits were all within 10 seconds of one another. Not bad for someone who hardly looks at her watch while she runs. If my pace is so steady, why should I bother with a GPS watch then? If you have ever run in any race in your entire life, you might be able to answer this question: To make sure I don’t go out too fast. Apparently, I can also download my splits to my computer and all that cool stuff. Oh goodie, more numbers for me to obsess over. And storage is a cinch!

Fits perfectly on our little storage rack behind the computer!

At my old 8:05-8:10 minute/per mile pace, I could feel if I was on pace. It was in my stride and felt very natural and comfortable. At my current faster pace, I can’t simply feel it anymore. I’m working hard and thinking about my foot turnover, so I’m afraid that I’ll go out too fast and then die at the end. This is where my fancy-schmancy new watch comes in. I can glance down and make sure I’m not bolting out of the gate or pushing too hard at any given mile, but maintaining a constant pace that I have practiced in my training runs and make sure I have enough juice for a strong finish.


My first run with my Garmin Forerunner® 110 was like any other introduction: a little awkward and bumpy, but exciting. It had a tough time getting a satellite on my block and didn’t pick up until I reached Central Park. In the park, it told me I was running a 15:32 pace. I assure you, I was not. It finally got it all together on the West Side Highway and gave me lots of confidence as I kept my pace under 8 minutes for the last 5 miles on the Hudson River. I need to refine the whole satellite-grabbing thing, but I think it’s going to be a great addition to my long runs. And, *BONUS* it’s not the size of a computer on my little wrist! I was a little worried about that.

A little bigger than my other watch, but much smaller than the mini-laptops I've seen some people sporting

I’ll keep ya’ll posted with the progress I’m making with my new toy. I’m pretty pumped about all it has to offer. I need a name for it, I think…any suggestions? Oh, and many thanks to the Obi-wans, Reno, Blondie, Mrs. Jones, Gunslinger, Red, and PD for my toy. ♥

Yeah, baby!

Tell me–what’s your favorite running gadget/accessory? After you tell me, grab it and go out and run!