Better Than the Alternative Tuesdays: I ♥ lululemon East Hampton

Taking a Leap

I am what you call an outgoing person. I take the lead, make a plan, delegate responsibilities, start clubs and otherwise bring people together to do stuff. I’ve been the captain of teams, a Resident Assistant, the VP of  my theatre fraternity (we were awesome!) and started my own morning run club here in the city before an 8am Chemistry class derailed our little group. What I am saying is that I am no stranger to being in charge and putting myself out there, but sometimes it’s scary.

This weekend, I headed out to East Hampton to coach the inaugural Cool Racer run club at lululemon. I had met some of the girls maybe once before and have worked with two of them back in the city, but I was nervous that I wouldn’t have the support of the rest of the staff as we tried to get this new run club up and running. “Running”. Ha! See what I did there? Funny. I’m funny.

As I sat on the Jitney, reading Tina Fey’s Bossypants (read it immediately), I got that familiar sinking feeling in my stomach. It has happened before, not often yet often enough, that I’ve jumped into a group and found absolutely not one ally. It is scary enough to put yourself out there, but being rejected is like a nightmare come true. So, when I showed up at the East Hampton house, I was a nervous wreck.

Nice shack, babe.


Holy smokes was this NOT one of those times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I felt so welcome in the house among the 8 or so girls who were also living in the two-family shack we shared. It was like having a slumber party! And not only did they make me feel welcome, but they were interested in what I was doing there as a coach and my studies as a student of physical therapy. You know how when you join a group that’s been together for a while and they have all of these inside jokes that you feel super-duper left-out on when they burst into giggles for no reason? Well, within hours of being there, we had our own little inside jokes. Unbelievable.

How cute is the store?!

Bright and early, I woke up early to get geared up for my class. I was thinking that my one friend, who so graciously agreed to schlep out east for a workout that morning, and my luluelmon friend might be the only ones there. Wrong again! Girls from the store (and one boyfriend) got up early on the weekend to come out and support the new run club. It was AWESOME. Not only did these gals (and guy) make me look like a rock star by putting out an amazing effort during the workout, but they each worked hard on their form and speed during our one-hour rockin’ run. I love it.

These people absolutely made my day. They are cheerful, genuine, smart women whom you should seriously consider meeting on your next trip to East Hampton. This is something I’ve found to be true about the people who work at luluelmon. They are there for more than just a job, they believe in their manifesto, including: Sweat once a day, Friends are better than money, Do one thing a day that scares you (this was my one thing!) and, my personal favorite Successful people replace the words ‘wish’, ‘should’ and ‘try’ with ‘will’. These women are living that manifesto and are invested so deeply in it that they cheerfully dragged their normally non-running sneakers out to cheer on and support a new friend (me) and her endeavors. Amazing and humbling. And they looked great doing it!

The happiest group of runners you have ever seen!

What was our fabulous workout, you ask? It was this: warm up, 2 x 400 meter interval runs (100 meters fast, 100 meters recovery), 2 x 800 meter interval runs (200 meters fast, 200 meters recovery), 2 x 800 meter paced runs, 4 x 100 sprints. Phew! What a workout!

My point is this, if you are looking for a place to start your running or yoga journey, find your neighborhood lululemon. Their weekly classes are all FREE and taught by their ambassadors or coaches who make it their goal in life to guide you towards your fittest self. Reach out and let these people help you set your goals, try new things and look fabulous doing it. I took the leap and ended up having the most fabulous time with these beautiful people.

Me having fun post-gorgeous run in the East Hampton

So, hey, thanks girls. You are the best and I can’t wait to see ya’ll again in August and hit up the beach next time! For those of you who are making your way out east this summer, drop by the store on Main St. and show my friends some love. They will rock your socks, too 😉 You know what? Taking a leap and having the outcome surprise you is way better than the alternative.

Now go out and run!