How To Be a Warrior On the Weekend

Hey, happy 4th of July to everyone 🙂

It’s summertime! While summer is synonymous with the beach, baseball, swimming and all things nature-loving, it is as well known for barbecues, late-night parties and rooftop bar crawls. Here is your How-To guide to meeting your fitness goals while enjoying the summer and being a warrior on the weekend and not a weekend warrior.

1. Make a plan.

Workouts are not the kinds of things that (usually) happen spontaneously. Cocktails with friends you just ran into? Spontaneous! A 5-mile run in the park? Requires a liiiiiittle bit of planning. Put it in your Blackberry, iPhone, or plain ‘ol Franklin Covey day planner and stick to your schedule.

2. Make a date.

There’s nothing better than sweating it out and suffering with a friend. I’m always trying new classes in the city so that I can recommend them…or not, to clients and friends. Some classes I’ve been meaning to try in the city (but definitely need a buddy to go with me!) are As One Fitness (boot camp-style class), Core Fusion @ Equinox, and Pure Yoga. They appeal to the schizophrenic athlete in me and are held indoors! Perfect for summertime. Grab a buddy and report back to me.

3. Make it worthwhile.

Don’t show up to a workout hungover. It’s bad form. Hydrate, get plenty of sleep, make sure you’re adhering to your body’s dietary needs (which, for me means I need to eat something small about 1 hour before I get my workout on) and come ready to focus. A dehydrated body, negative attitude and unfocused mind makes for a lousy workout.

4. Make a goal.

Personally, this means road races for me. For some, the scale or the measuring tape are the goals the prefer to focus on. I choose 10K, 15K and half-marathon times to beat. Right now, the next race I have on my docket is the Battle of Brooklyn 10-miler. It’s a JackRabbit Sports race (my favorite running store) and it’s held in one of my favorite running parks, Prospect Park in Brooklyn. Should be an awesome August training run!


You can have an awesome summer, living it up with your friends and family, and stay on course with your fitness goals, too. Keep going and never let one bad workout, one missed workout or one rotten teacher keep you from trying something new and getting up the next day for a run.

Now go out and run!

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