Summer Runnin’, Had Me a Blast!

Happy Fourth of July weekend, everybody! I thought the weekend would never get here, probably because yesterday marked the end of my first 6-week summer semester at school. Statistics: CHECK! It wasn’t the end of the world and, actually, I think Bio and Chem have prepared me well for just about anything now. Up next: Calculus…don’t remind me, I want to enjoy my four days off.

Four days off--crazy Summer Vacation for me!

I’m heading out to East Hampton this afternoon (after I fly at Flywheel with Aleah! to coach the East Hampton Run Club’s first run of the season! The kids are out of school, there are pool parties and clambakes to attend and we have GOT to get our run on! We start tomorrow at 9am out of the Lululemon store on Main Street in East Hampton–all levels are welcome to join us for an awesome 3-5 mile workout. In honor of my awesome trip out East and the general theme of summer that pervades Fourth of July weekend, I thought I’d throw out some hot weather running tips for all of you!

When it's like this... (photo courtesy of

...drink this.


-Know your limits. If you’re fatiguing much faster than you normally do, feel overheated (relative to how you normally feel when you run) or if you suddenly feel chilled, call it a day. Better yet, head to the pool or the beach for some cross-training in the water.

-Listen to your body; it will not lie to you. If you’ve ceased to sweat, cramping up,  have blurred/spotty/starry vision or are feeling sick or getting sick…do I really have to tell you to stop at this point? Seek shelter and a way to cool off immediately while also grabbing a Gatorade on the way. And maybe by way of the emergency room if it’s that bad.

-Run early. I mean, reeeeeallllly early like, 6/7am. Or late, like after sunset. The humidity might still be a factor, but at least you won’t be dealing with the blazing sun, too.   
The early bird stays out of the hospital!
-Slow down. A hot day is not the day for your fastest/hardest workout, though it might feel that way while you’re doing it.

-Dress accordingly. Two words: 1. Moisture. 2. Wicking. This very fabulous technology will pull sweat off of your skin and keep you as cool as possible on the hot runs. If you sweat like I do, which is to say like a gorilla, you may want to bring along a hankerchief or something with which to wipe the sweat off of your skin. Sweat is like a blanket on your pores: if you let it sit there, it will cover your pores and heat you up (imagine putting a blanket on top of your air conditioner and having the motor overheat from working so hard). If you wipe it away, the heat continues to be removed from your body and you can cool off.

-Bring your own hydration and make sure it has electrolytes.

-Sunscreen. Everywhere. 30+ SPF. Waterproof. No excuses.

-If you must run when the sun is shining, go for the lighter-colored items and grab a light-colored hat/visor while you’re at it.

Make sure you have ID on you (ID tags are only $20), a cell phone, money to get home if you need a cab or will grab the subway and make sure someone knows you’re gone and when you should be expected home.

-Know the universal signs of heat exhaustion, which can lead to heat stroke (from the Mayo Clinic): 

Feeling faint or dizzy
Heavy sweating (for runners, this may also be ceasing to sweat)
Rapid, weak heartbeat
Low blood pressure
Cool, moist, pale skin
Low-grade fever
Heat cramps
Dark-colored urine
*If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, please seek medical attention immediately.

Remember, no one is keeping score and there are awesome indoor ways to get your workout on during the really hot days. Use it as an opportunity to try that spin class you’ve been hearing all about or get your swim on. Swimming sounds much nicer than running when it’s 95 degrees out anyway, am I right? Remember that no race was won or lost in one workout and it really isn’t worth it to risk illness for those couple of miles. 

Happy Fourth of July, everyone! Let freedom ring!

Now go out and run!