The “I-only-have-20-minutes-to-run” Workout

Woooooo, baby! It’s getting hot and toasty out there, isn’t it New York? Summer means so many things to so many people: vacation, beach, flip-flops, a trashy novel. In the last few years, summer has come to mean one and only one thing to me: SUMMER SCHOOL! 3-4 days of 2+ hours in class, at least a chapter of material a day, sometimes a lab, homework every night and exams every week. Jealous? I thought so.

My view from the library

While can usually be found studying in the very fabulous Bobst library most mornings and some weekends, where I really long to be running is on the river at sunrise. *sigh* Until August 11th, however, I will have to find another time to run.

Which brings me to my topic of today: how to get an effective run in only 20 minutes on the treadmill. Most runners hate the treadmill while I choose to look at it as “sometimes” tool. Like, how Cookie Monster says, “Cookies are a sometimes food” (Who are we kidding, Cookie Monster?). When I finally do get to run during the day, I’d much prefer to be out in the park or on the trails, but at 1pm on a 98-degree with 85% humidity day, that just isn’t smart nor am I getting much out of that run. Unless you count the very attractive beet-red face I get to sport for the rest of the day (yay Irish!) and a crazy racerback farmer tan as desirable fashion statements, midday outdoor running is just out of the question. No, you won’t find me suffering through that kinda run. You will find me in the air conditioned gym down at the Palladium on a treadmill, rocking out to my tunes (have you checked out the “Tunes” section of this blog?) and working hard on this workout:

-5 minute warm-up (6.5 speed, aka warm-up pace)

-1 minute sprint (9.0-9.5 speed, aka as-fast-as you-can-go-without-falling-off pace)

-1 minute recovery jog (6.5-7.0 speed, aka recovery pace)

I repeat the one minute sprint/one minute recovery jog for 20 minutes and I. Am. Wiped.

Hot and sweaty runs in the park are the best!

I leave the treadmill with jelly legs, huffing and a-puffing my way home. I can’t even tell you how this workout kicks my butt. Try it for yourself if you only have 20 minutes to get an awesome run in. If you really go as fast as you can, and go that fast every single time while resting in between 1 minutes sprints, you will feel it. I promise. Now go out there and run! And if you feel like doing an awesome workout tonight, join me tonight with the lululemon Run Club in Central Park at 6:45 on the 72nd St. Transverse in front of Bethesda Fountain. See you there!

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