Better Than the Alternative Tuesdays: The Swing of Things

I hate being back at school. This is not a confession because it is not a secret.

I have been in school every single semester since January 2009. I won’t be done til August 2015. That’s six years of school, people. Shoot. Me. Now. This is my last full didactic year and now I have my little guy at home soooooooo…

The way I prefer to spend my days.

The way I prefer to spend my days.

…I hate being back at school.

This is a great start to a BTAT post, isn’t it?

I’ll get to the “better” part now.

I work well on a schedule. I’m lucky enough to work in a profession that requires appointments for specified amounts of time. Being back in the swing of things this semester is helpful for me. I know (mostly) what my days will be like, when I’ll be home, and how much longer I have til I’m done!

Let the countdown begin.

Let the countdown begin.

Getting in the swing of things means I’m ONE YEAR away from being done.

Getting into the swing of things means I’m ONE YEAR away from spending eight weeks at the place I’ve wanted to do a rotation at since I started this journey in school.

Getting into the swing of things means I do get back to talking nerd talk with other nerds in my field.

Getting into the swing of things means (hopefully) learning more.

See? It’s not all bad. Getting into the swing of things can be Better than the Alternative. Onward!

Now go out and run.

Absentee Blogger

Hi y’all! Your favorite absentee blogger here. I’m off to bed in a few short minutes (I live the LIFE, I tell you what!) but wanted to shout out to all those who killed it last weekend in Eugene, Big Sur, and everywhere in between. Way to go, friends!

And don’t forget to cheer for all of us running in Jersey this weekend! I’m RACING the half and soooooo nervous. Hoping I don’t have PTSD from last time and that this first week in the hospital hasn’t destroyed my legs completely.

Speedy thoughts to everyone running this weekend. Regular blog schedule resumes next week!

Now go out and run!

Better Than the Alternative Tuesdays: Table Buddy

Happy Tuesday, y’all. I really like Tuesdays. There’s momentum from Tuesday that rolls into Wednesday that takes you into Thursday which is only one day away from Friday.

It’s like when you’re finally warmed up and running 15 more miles doesn’t seem that bad because you’re getting into your zone. Right?

I gotta tell ya, after 11 hours of school yesterday I am FULLY warmed up for this week.

Passing out on my books on the regular. NBD.

Passing out on my books on the regular. Everybody’s doing it.

And here we are and it’s Better Than the Alternative Tuesday!

You know those 11 hour school/work days when you have to suffer through pay attention to teachers/customers/bosses/co-workers/classmates and you just want to pull your hair our and scream, grab your chair, throw it out the window and jump?

(or am I a whiny baby?)

The people who save those days for me are my Table Buddies. We sit at two person tables ALL. DAY. LONG. so it’s crucial to share your space with an awesome buddy.

Pretty regularly, I get to share it with my super-speedy friend, Birdie.

Birdie lets me cast her leg. I mean, THAT'S an awesome Table Buddy if there ever was one.

Birdie lets me cast her leg. I mean, THAT’S an awesome Table Buddy if there ever was one.

Birdie lets me tag along on her slow runs and laps me when we do track workouts. She also collects notes for me when I’m sick and shares my love for Two Boots Pizza whilst studying for finals.

We’re basically twins.

Coffee, water, computer, notes, pencil case.

Coffee, water, computer, notes, pencil case.

Different choice of caffeine but pretty much the same. And one of us ALWAYS has gum.

Different choice of caffeine but pretty much the same. And one of us ALWAYS has gum.

Table Buddies make looooooooooong classes tolerable. It’s hard to get everything every professor is saying and Table Buddies catch what you don’t and vice versa.

Sometimes Table Buddies make treats.

I mean, how cute is this?

I mean, how cute is this?

And sometimes my Table Buddy and I shop online side-by-side…or try to keep one another from shopping online. And sometimes my Table Buddy is way better at understanding things than I am and he/she explains it to me in words that my little brain can understand.

Sometimes school is hard. Sometimes school is boring. Sometimes it’s just such a long day that you feel homicidal.

Table Buddies are the first line of defense when it comes to talking you off that ledge of crazy. Maybe your office-mate is that for you. I know that my crazy is far less because of my awesome Table Buddies.

So, yeah. Long days suck. But Table Buddies make them better.

Who makes your long days better? Do you have a work buddy who just rocks your socks off? I hope when I start working that I have a partner-in-crime who understands that getting a Flywheel bike > finishing paperwork that very moment. Priorities. Tell me about your day buddies!

Now go out and run!


BRB = Be Right Back.

Posts will be rather sporadic for the next 10 days while I contend with finals. Send caffeine and cupcakes!

Me. Now. Til December 21st.

Me. Now. Til December 21st.

Oh, and I was quoted in Runner’s World Magazine this month. Pick up a copy and check me out!

Super-pumped about being quoted in RW!

Super-pumped about being quoted in RW!

Don’t worry, Obi-wans, I am sending you a copy this week! Did you really think l wouldn’t be buying multiple copies of my first Runner’s World Magazine published quote and send them out to my parents so they can brag to their neighbors? Helllllooooo!

Now let’s see if I can get quoted about something running related!

2013 goal!

BRB. Gotta memorize a bunch of…stuff.

Now go out and run!


What I Did With My Summer Vacation

Hello friends. How are you?

Summer is officially over. Well, not “officially” officially since the Summer Solstice is actually the official end of summer. But Labor Day weekend certainly marks the end of summer for most of us in the working/school world, to be sure. So, Summer is over. Welcome to School Year 2012-2013!

What did you do with your Summer? Beach? Vacation? Sleep? BBQs? Trips? All-around fun stuff?

That’s nice.

This is what I did:


Studying. Every day.

I got dressed up in scrubs day after day for 4 weeks of Anatomy cadavar lab. My scrubs weren’t comfy. How do those gals on Grey’s Anatomy look so darn cute in theirs?! Oh, btw, there are official Grey’s Anatomy scrubs for sale. Oh yes.

Not the best fit.

I studied every day. Seriously. Every. Day.

Studying…sort of.

And here is what I did with my Summer Vacation:

Immediately after passing my last class, I ate at one of my favorite restaurants with my study buddy and JB.

All dressed up and someplace to go. Finally!

And there were drinks. Lots and lots of drinks. And I was home and in bed by 9. Lightweight.

Mmmmmmm…you know how I love a mojito.


I read a non-school book.

I read this on the plane to and from Chicago. I want those 4 hours of my life back.

I ran. A lot.

I’m not real fast but I am BRIGHT!

I went to Chicago where I kayaked down the Chicago River and learned that the Great Chicago Fire jumped the river. Yup. Fire jumps. No pictures from the kayaking, but I did get pretty wet, no thanks to JB constantly paddling water into my back. We did stay at a nice hotel that had chairs that had chairs that made me look like I was in Alice In Wonderland.


And then I slept. A lot. And napped. Every day. And walked around my fair city with JB. And had my favorite cupcakes. And slept some more. And ran with JB. A lot. And went to one of my favorite places in the city.

It’s like coming home.

And watched movies. Snow White & the Huntsman was alright. I still don’t get all the Hunger Games hype. Anchorman is still hilarious. We had both Law & Order and Misfits marathons. I slept so much that the bags under my eyes, previously feared to be age lines, are now gone. It’s amazing what sleep and relaxation will do for a person’s youthful glow. Perhaps I’m not old yet……well, except for that my baby brother turned 30, hence the Chicago trip.

All in all, my Summer Vacation, short though it was, was refreshing and just what this doctor (-al candidate) ordered.

Up next, the Marine Corps Marathon!

What about you? Did you run any fabulous races? Achieve any Summer goals? Have the most savage tan on the beach (you really should wear your sunscreen)?

Here’s hoping you feel refreshed and ready for marathon season to kick off!

Now go out and run!